34 thoughts on “Mom’s Favorite

  1. This is another good one. Were you your mothers favorite? Or was that reserved for someone else, maybe not even a relative.

  2. I actually knew a girl in college whose mother moved to a house with one less bedroom when she was in the first semester of her freshman year.

  3. My mom had a lot of kids’ names to call out before she got to mine. Until kindergarten, I thought my name was “You.”

  4. I can relate to ArtseyC. My mom called me KayKrisAliMeg, all my life. I guess I should be glad she didn’t include my three brothers in there too.

  5. She names you Stephan so that you have to explain to everyone you meet for your entire life that no, they can’t call you Steve.

  6. Sure, laugh at my pain.

    My mom moved while my brother and I were at school one day. I left and the house was normal. When I got home that afternoon, the place was cleaned out except for me and the dog.

    (True! Really!)

    She showed up after about 30 minutes of me being in shock, just before my brother arrived, and she apologized profusely for not being there when I got home. She swore she had told us we were moving. My brother and I had no recollection of her telling us anything of the sort.

    Decades later, I’m still traumatized.

  7. You are one twisted motherfucker. And yet, you make me laugh every single day. The blog is just a bonus.

  8. Very funny. But more importantly, what the hell is the miniature smiling christmas tree next Rat in the last frame of today’s Pearls???

  9. I still am called “RubyAliceMary” most days even though I’m now an adult. And “RubyAliceMary” are – my deceased aunt, my still living aunt, and my younger sister-in-law.

  10. When I was in the Navy, I decided to come home on a surprise visit, except the surprise was on me. I found an empty house! My parents moved and I didn’t know it. I went to my uncle’s house to find where they were. My parents said that they were going to fix up their new house and fly me out to surprise me. Yea, right.

  11. All funny except #5. Houses sold that fast in 2005 and 2006, but that certainly isn’t the case now.

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  13. I was an only child. You’d think my mom could remember my name, right? No. She called me by the dog’s name!

  14. to Paul, that is Stanford’s mascot.

    Secondly, my mother TRIED to moved to FLA without me knowing but I come home on leave before they moved…SHOCKING !

  15. This happened to me. I came home from college, and went to my house, and it was dark and empty. Apparently they had moved and forgot to tell me they had.

  16. Hah! I can top all of those.

    My mother named me “Robert”, just so Stephan could use me for fishbait, make fun of my lack of social skills, and, in today’s strip, blow me up with a hand grenade.

    Signed, Bob

  17. Meg, I always considered myself lucky I was the oldest, as my name was the first called. My youngest daughter’s name is Nora, and I often start to call her by her sisters name first, so it comes out Menorah.

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