16 thoughts on “Texas Pearls

  1. Argh! I live 10 minutes away, but will be on a plane at that time.

    Sigh… have fun without me

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  3. San Antonio is only 45min away by air.Finding an open bookstore to sign in may be tough.

  4. So spend a little time up there… then head on down to Austin. Surely, the folks at Book People would love to have ya’. And Austinites would go gaga!

  5. It may take awhile to get there after work in the traffic, but I will do my best. How long will you be there?

  6. Yippe Ka-Yay…I’ll be thar with my boots shined and my 10 gallon hat. Just kidding. You will be in the heart of suburbia and there won’t be a cowboy hat to be seen and the boots you see will probably be Uggs. I’m soooo looking forward to it though!

  7. Have a burger and some home made rootbeer (or a real beer for that matter) at the Twisted Root Burger company nearby. You’ll not regret it.

  8. well, would have liked to have seen you, but the bookstore said they “ran out” of your book. what kinda book store dosne’t order extras!?!?!?! i mean c’mon! and you couldn’t bring your book without buying the new one from THEIR store! so, love the strip, but hate a “real” bookstore.

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