An Economy for the Birds

With the economy as it is right now, it seems wherever you look there’s someone trying to rip you off.

It just happened to me with a bird feeder I bought.

I wanted it so I could put it in front of the window where I draw and watch the birds as they eat.

Well, the birds are eating the food, but they’re not doing it while I’m around.

And that, to me, is theft.

I’m thinking about putting a sign on it that says, “Do not eat if human not watching.”

But they’d probably steal that too.

This has got to be a real low point in this Great Recession.

14 thoughts on “An Economy for the Birds

  1. Just some dull advice- too much movement will scare them. Also there needs to be a tree nearby for cover so that they feel safe. If you buid it, they will come.

  2. Just an idea…put a scarecrow right next to the feeder, and leave it there at all times EXCEPT around the time you watch the birds feeding. Maybe that way they’ll be so scared of the scarecrow that you, standing 10 feet, away won’t seem so bad…

  3. It’s probably Mildred. She found out where you live. And she ran out of cat food so she’s now eating birdseed. Your birdseed. …guessing it’s the new old people’s granola.

    Yeah, she really got back at you Stephan. You should have seen this coming.

  4. Maybe you should only put in birdseed when you’re there…so leave the birdfeeder empty most of the time and just go outside and put in the birdseed when you’re going to be working there.

  5. I would like to borrow that feeder and put it next to my car-maybe the birds will stop shitting all over it.

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