8 thoughts on “Reader Mail!

  1. How about a break for the pig? The next time that rat kicks him, let the porker land on the rodent.

  2. Stephan I just wanted to say that the new strips showing Pig’s deceased relatives as a Floating Ham and Floating Bacon are the seriously demented and twisted. But man, I laughed and laughed. Only you could have come up with something like that! I don’t know whether to applaud or call the guys in the white coats.

    BTW, given Pig’s love of BLTs, he’s not going to try to eat his Uncle’s dead spirit is he?

  3. Great. Now I will think about BLT’s and scalloped potatos all day. I wish bacon and ham would fly into my living room right now since I have a fire going and really don’t want to go out.

  4. Hi Stephan, today is my birthday and my wife has forgot it again, so to get out of my depression I decided to re-read some of my pearls collections. I’ve been reading “Pearls sells out”. To make you feel better I noticed that you said you had cut & pasted the strip from Sept. 06, ( the Meerkats ) I noticed in panel 1 zebra is pointing at a meerkat, in panel 2 zebra is no longer pointing, so in theory you didn’t cut & paste. One last question: why does pig sometimes have a bellybutton? Thanks for the great strip, Stephan. Have a beer for my Birthday.

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