Today’s Strip (Including the Tiny Writing in the Last Panel)

I understand that many of you are having trouble getting today’s strip on   So what I’m doing today is posting the strip here in high res.  Not only will you be able to see the strip, but you should also be able to read the tiny writing in the third panel.  (Just click on it to enlarge).


61 thoughts on “Today’s Strip (Including the Tiny Writing in the Last Panel)

  1. And I thought you’d never do another one of these kind of strips after you made the ‘fine print’ strip that took so long to write!

  2. Nice. Poor Pig. Passed up the opportunity to set the worlds longest punny prose in the comics, which is always my favorite strip. A contest to write and set up the puns would be fun 🙂

    Viva the 9540X hood!

  3. I just love this comic. Pearls causing me to laugh harder than any other comic. Thanks for the laughs Stephan.

  4. The only reason I am even on this site is that I took out a magnifying glass to read the billboard. Sigh – I have no life!

  5. Thanks for posting your strip today so I could read the fine print. It also led me to your blog which should be a nice addition to my daily Pearls laugh. It’s too early here in Montana for a beer and these days, having gone gluten free, I am forced to drink beer made from sorghum, the commercial varieties of which do not make you crave another. Is Danny Donkey beer gluten free? Keep up the great work, you make my day.

  6. I don’t think Pig cares what’s in the hot dogs as he likes bacon LOL One of my favorite strips is when he says his aunt’s not doing well and rat asks why he thinks that and pig says because she’s not moving. Pig has a plate of bacon in front of him LOL

  7. Anyone else see the irony in having to go to Stephan Pastis’ blog to read a message about how you should go to Stephan Pastis’ blog?

  8. shameless self promotion!

    Let us know when you get the call from Miller regarding the theft of their Lite Beer tag line!

  9. Zelda: I don’t think it would matter. It’s been well established that Pig likes bacon. 🙂

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  11. No matter how many times I spread my thumb and index finger across that frame in the paper this morning, the picture never got bigger. Sigh, too.

  12. I read the tiny print in my paper and came here thinking the creator of the strip which kidnapped Jeffy (hilarious) would put his blog in his strip. I was not disappointed.

  13. I purchased a Pearls daily calendar for my office and have begun to introduce the strip to my coworkers. They love it! Our local paper doesn’t carry the strip (I don’t live in Iowa), so I try to share it whenever I get the chance. Thanks for the laughter you add to my day.

  14. Am I the only one who’s annoyed at that stupid pig for forgetting a comma after the word “chips” at the end of the seventh line?

  15. I read it this morning in the newspaper. My head was spinning after I strained my eyes to decipher it.

    Hello Stephan! I’m team Rat re: your horrible puns.

  16. Carolina Geo: yes.

    I was surprised how similar my comment was to the billboard content in spirit–sort of a stream-of-unconsciousness meandering around until the right amount of material was generated. But Stephan’s was better.

  17. Obviously there’s not a newspaper in the country where this is actually printed at a legible size. 🙂

  18. Whoot! totally squinted til i could read the fine print and found your blog residing within. I’m excited!

  19. Thanks, I earlier copied it and enlarged it, but it was still blurry. This should be of help. What I read of it was very funny!

  20. I know what it says! It says:
    Buy Danny Donkey beer. it’s a great beer and you’ll really like the taste. It’s also refreshing and goes down great on a hot summer day. It’s cheap too. And the label is pretty great too. And it comes in these handy little cardboard six-packs that have those little handles on them that make them easier to carry around. And if you buy the beer, you’ll probably make more friends because that’s just the kind of beer it is. So that’s all I have to say about Danny Donkey, except for the fact that it also goes really good with chips, prezels, crackers, cheese, pizza, burritos, tacos, pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs. I really like hot dogs. It also goes really well with my friend Stephan’s blog. You should read it. It’s at Or even better, go be one of his friends on Facebook. His Facebook is at …
    Stephan’s a pretty good guy. I’d promote his books too, but I’m probably getting off the original topic that being Danny Donkey beer, which tastes really great and is probably less filling.

  21. It was driving me crazy that it wasn’t up at My morning routine is reading your strip then Get Fuzzy, then everything else.

  22. Awesome! Thanks for the post! Now it’s twice as funny – the concept of the strip was great, but so was the writing on the sign itself. Pig really overachieved on that one!

  23. I must commend you on your handwriting. To be able to get such exacting penmanship on so many words in as tiny a space as you did is astounding. Your hand control must rival that of a skilled brain surgeon or a Blue Angel fighter pilot. It is simply, quite awesome. Bravo, dear sir, bravo.

  24. So this brings up an interesting possibility. The famous cartoonist, Al Hirschfeld, cleverly hid his daughter’s name ‘Nina’ in small characters or integrated within the lines of his cartoons. Maybe you might consider something similar. Possibly you can give out secret messages, the weather in Santa Rosa, or if you are really ingenious, this blog. The latter would be a great benefit to me. I wouldn’t have to read the inane comments that followed each of your postings (mine obviously being an exception of course).

  25. Thanks for posting this, Stephan. I can’t go a day without my Pearls fix. And what a good one it is, too.

  26. Hey!! Doesn’t piggy ever get a break, like getting something over on that evil, evil rat? Give the porker a chance!!!

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  28. Thanks for posting this. Of all the days that doesn’t publish your strip it had to be the day with the tiny writing and no way to magnify on Arcamax! Funny stuff, Steph.

  29. Thanks for posting the enlarged strip; I was curious exactly what Pig had written on the billboard, and now I know!

  30. I am curious when you say that many were having trouble getting the strip on, why was that? I read Pearls on the Washington Post website and couldn’t see Tuesday’s strip until today. Did the Mad Mothers Against Small Print get offended by it?

  31. Stephan – your comic is recognized enough that you should hook up with a microbrewery and actually create Danny Donkey Beer. Considering that this product actually has an alcohol content you might end up selling more beer than books.

    I know I’d buy some for this girl I’m interested in.

  32. Very thorough, Pig, but you left out “Women who are pregnant should not drink beer. Women who do not wish to become pregnant should also strongly consider not drinking beer.”

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  34. My 15 year old son introduced me to this comic. It is brilliant.
    The Danny Donkey billboard should have been 3D enabled- something useful to use the stupid glasses that I paid a $4.00 premium – to watch The Green Hornet. UGH!
    As for Danny Donkey, a stout would be terrific (St. Patricks Day is just around the corner).
    Have a good day!

  35. Can you have the crocks wear name badges? Can’t tell the difference between Larry, Bob or Bert.

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  37. Pearls before swine is my favorite comic strip. You have alot of pearls before swine comic strips, have you made a pearls before swine last supper strip? That would be alsome to see.

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