If It Looks Like a Duck, and Walks Like a Duck, It Must Be a Bad Christmas Present

I buy my wife bad Christmas presents.  So this year she reciprocated with this:

It’s a stuffed duck.

I thought that was odd, but then my nine-year-old daughter topped her by getting me 15 of these:

They’re miniature babies.

As if that was not enough, my son Thomas then combined the two to form a very disturbing art piece, which I’ve titled “Assault Upon the Duck.”

Thomas says it’s not an attack.  He says the babies are worshiping the duck.

I find that hard to believe given what looks to be a clear attack upon the duck’s head:

Not to mention the valiant charge of the babies up the back:

Thomas says the proof of the babies’ idolatry is shown by the congregation of babies around the duck’s foot, which I have to admit is a pretty compelling argument.

So for those of you who think my comic strip is strange, it’s nothing compared to my family.

God bless us all.