The Pearls Blows Up Outtakes

I’m often asked if the videos I film with Andrews McMeel Vice President John Glynn are staged.  Actually, the question I get asked is, “Is John Glynn really that much of an asshole?”

Well, yes, John is that much of an asshole.  But in the videos he is only acting like one.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the videos, the first one is here:

And the second one is here:

And now, as proof that it is in fact all staged, I present the many screwed-up takes from the filming of the last video, complete with all the profanity, beer-drinking and overly violent door-slamming that makes working with me and John such a joy.


8 thoughts on “The Pearls Blows Up Outtakes

  1. And the question that people asking John must be, “Is Stephen really such an a******?”

  2. The question still has not been answered as to whether this was staged or shot similar to how Michael Moore does his movies.

  3. Sorry-you did answer question as to whether it was staged. I guess that makes me the ass!

  4. Seattle Dave I’m with you.

    Particularly bright spots in the outtakes are @1:44 @3:25 @5:13 @5:50

  5. John Glynn has to be the best person to work for…an incredibly patient man!

    I figured right away that the second video was staged (I mean, his wife preferred Stephan to her husband, whose life he had ruined??), which of course meant the first one had to be…but after seeing only the first one, I was never at all sure whether it was real or not. (Except the very first scene, tossing the book off the roof. That had to be fake. But it could have been added after the fact…)

  6. I can’t believe people actually believed they were real. SMH I love that you get along with people so well that you can do these types of things. Never change that.

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