Alright, Fine. I’ll Come Visit You (aka Booking Stephan To Speak At Your Event)

For the first time since the strip began back in 2002, I’m now emerging from my hermit shell and booking a fair number of speaking engagements.

I talk about the strip, tell the strange tale of how I went from being a lawyer to a syndicated cartoonist, show a number of readers’ favorite strips, and of course, talk about some of the strips that weren’t big hits  (including some of the angry mail they generated).  It’s inspirational, it’s funny and it’s better than just sitting with a bunch of people in a quiet room.

So book me now, because I may just return to my shell.

For fees and other info, send an email to:

21 thoughts on “Alright, Fine. I’ll Come Visit You (aka Booking Stephan To Speak At Your Event)

  1. Now Roberto, how much can you afford to pay for us to sit and listen to you? There are several of us in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area that would attend but we would not want to be too much of an impact to your long suffering wife and kids. We have many recovering lawyers in the area that thought they were in a Twelve Step Program but it turned out to just be tap dance lessons who might show up, if you promised cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, none of them fancy Hawaiian macadamia tofu-granola scones you Californians call cookies).

  2. How bout coming to my next birthday party? I’ll make sure there’s plenty of beer for ya. 😉

  3. Glad you have found another way to generate money. I am sure this is something Rat would do (or me for that matter), so I can see how you get your inspiration for Rat. But that begs the question of whom do you derive your inspiration from with the others?

  4. One other thing-you kinda look like Sadam Hussein in that picture. Better watch your head-do not want to see you hanged.

  5. How much to have your children come and speak? They seem much funnier and more intelligent than you. Plus, they’d probably give us a REAL description of the life of a cartoonist.

    Seriously, though, I wish I did have some excuse to hire you as a speaker.

  6. Lemme know if anyone actually books you. I run a tomato concession and could use the business.

  7. Stephan,

    This is great news. Personally I am very excited to see that you have decided to come out of your shell and will generously enlighten us with your ‘pearls’ of wisdom. I am sure this is a great accomplishment with your shyness issues. Coincidentally, my wife’s knitting/beading/book/coffee/etc. club has been looking for a speaker for the last few weeks. You can stay at our home with meals included (excluding beverages) for a day or so (longer stays are doable for a fee). As for your speaking fee, would you be willing to barter? We have a large collection of various knitted items that I am sure you would find attractive and useful. You may be able to pickup a awesome beaded bracelet for your wife as well. I should also mention that my daughter is a pro at bedazzling cell phones, we can throw that in for no extra charge. If you are interested please contact me or reply to this post. Looking forward to seeing you speak in our living room!

  8. I really appreciate that you look like Robert Downey Jr. in the second photo and a fascist dictator in the first. Good to know my favourite comics are in such good hands!

  9. so we have a bet going on that you cancel after 3 speaking engagements. you will get sick of hearing people’s praises, head down to the bar for hours on end, and claim to have “drawer’s cramp”. Don’t tease us with your false promises 🙂

  10. Bristol Palin charges $15,000 to promote teen abstinence. Do you charge less than that, and is sex one of the topics you address?

  11. Aaaaah, I still have a strip you drew for me in 2004 (or 2003).. PBS is still my favorite comic. *sigh* Please come back to my paper.

  12. Still working like crazy to raise the funding to bring you to Diplocon. 🙂 Thanks so much for all of this, by the way. I really, really hope it works out in the end. If it doesn’t, I will still spread the word about how insanely awesome you are. In fact, have already done so. I get so many amazed expressions when I tell people you got back to me within a day of my first email while you were in Afghanistan.

    Either way, you are awesome, and thank you.

    -Steph from F&M

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  14. Great, is there anyway I can book you to come to Guatemala?

    I can pay you with beer… hehe (Good beer by the way)

  15. Well, I can’t pay you to speak, but you can come to Melbourne Australia and stay in our shed … I’m sure you and the red back spiders will have loads to talk about 🙂

  16. Wow, this is tough. I promised the fantastic ladies in our local women’s club (average age: 80+) that I’d try to get Bill Keane as a program speaker. They really love that Jeffy. Now I’m conflicted… Stephan Pastis… Bill Keane…
    It’s a bit like having that little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other saying, “Pick me! Pick me!!!”
    Or, to quote Mr. Keane, it would be “Not me! Not me!”
    What to do… what to do…

  17. I contacted our local bookseller to see if they’d be interested. god I hope so! We only get cool authors in once a year pretty much… Tho Patrick Rothfuss will be coming here twice in a year! Anyways hope you get to come out to Lexington!

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