Here’s Hoping for the Automatic Fork

Yesterday, I saw a person press a button to close the trunk of his car.

After closing the trunk, he walked around to the driver’s door and got in the car.

That got me to thinking.

It’s a shame he had to make the effort to sit down in his car.  I think he should be able to press a button and have a crane rise from the car roof and automatically lift his body and set it down in the seat.

And what about when he gets home and has to walk to his front door?  There should be an automated conveyor belt that folds out from under the car and carries him to the door.

And he shouldn’t have to open it.  The front door should swing automatically open, at which point a ceiling-mounted harness should lift him gently to the recliner in front of his TV.

I am guessing that the most exercise that person gets in the course of a day is lifting a fork to his mouth so that he can eat the 7-Layer Burrito his wife bought him at Taco Bell.  Which is a real shame.

Because there should be a button for that.