The First Noel, the Stephan Did Stray

I know this is wrong.

But my neighbor has the word “NOEL” in bright lights on his lawn.  Each of the letters is separate from the others, and all four are just stuck in the grass.

I’ve never spoken to him, and only rarely even waved.  All I know about him is that he has brown hair and drives a Mercedes.

Last night, I came home late from a Christmas party.  It was a time past which most people would be asleep.

Well, long story short, my neighbor’s lights no longer proclaim the Christmas season.

They now, rather cryptically, proclaim “LEON.”

In my mind, it’s a tribute to the 1978 heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Leon Spinks.

Who as far as I know has no connection to the Christmas season.

I’m just hoping that next year my neighbor buys enough letters to spell out “CHRISTMAS.”

Because someone I know really wants to see “MR. ASS ITCH” in lights.

41 thoughts on “The First Noel, the Stephan Did Stray

  1. I had a neighbor that seemed to do random placements of lights on his shrubs — unless you were at just the right angle. The guy next to me saw the message ‘F&^# you!’ in lights. Engineers take revenge in odd ways.

  2. You had me laughing so hard at that one I’m going out to look for someone with that in their yard!

  3. We do that to my mom, too. She has little holiday blocks, like kids building blocks, that spell out NOEL. We rearrange them all of the time: LEON, LONE, EL NO, etc. It’s juvenile, but so are we.

  4. > my neighbor has the word “NOEL” in bright lights on his lawn.

    Steal the ‘L’.

    Get it? No ‘L’! 🙂

  5. Now I know what to put on shitheads lawn as well as some dog shit in a bag on the front porch and light it on fire,ring the doorbell and run.Tha will be some Christmas.

  6. I agree with Keith. We need pictures. But if you did that to my house (and we had giant letters that you COULD do that with), my sister would freak and think the world came to the end. Seriously!

    However… if I wasn’t such a timid person, I’d go looking for letters to scramble tonight too. >D

  7. So I live across a famous cartoonist……. nice, please bring a sign copy of any book you have on hand to appology for the mess

  8. I bet I’ve never spoken to my neighbors for longer than you’ve never spoken to yours.

    Theoretically I would enjoy a display of Christmas lights that was in good taste, but I’ve never seen one that I thought was in good taste. “LEON” might make the grade, though.

  9. You could also rearrange “Christmas” to spell, “Scram, sh*t!” Try it, it works! 🙂

  10. Steph, thanks for this extra gift this Christmas Eve!

    And a very Merry Mr Ass Itch to you and the Pastis bunch. May Santa be extra generous to you all tomorrow.

  11. lmao! That was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Actually shared the story with my fam and they loved it too! I wish some neighbors round here did stuff like that to prank on but no one puts out giant letters anymore. Everyone has those giant inflatable things then punks come ’round and stab them. meh.

    Anyway, I am posting as a thank you for your “Wrapping Paper” comic from Sunday! I was wrapping my mom’s Surprise Christmas Gift when my cat slapped my glass of soda out of my hands. It soaked the last of my wrapping paper and ruined it. So I scanned and printed out copies of the comic and wrapped my gift! IT LOOKS EPIC.


  12. Is that the guy you refer to as “shit head” who parks his Mercedes under your tree?

  13. I need your help with somethings,
    i am an aspiring comic artist. and i dont know how to get started. i dont know how you work your blog but if you could email me you have no idea how exstatic i would be to hear from my favorite comic artist. i truely admire your art.
    anything will help.

  14. Speaking of RAT … a REALLY dedicated PBS fan will rearrange some senior living complex’s display (since we don’t want to offend kids, of course):


  15. OMG…I laughed hysterically when I read that. If I ever find something like that, I am going to do that exact same thing. That is, if no one is around.

  16. If they get enough letters to spell Christmas, then maybe they’d like to stay in the
    cat shit rm.? Although it won’t be very pleasant if the room also has marcs shit.

  17. I’ve got one better. A lot of people decorate their yard with simple reindeer statues in white lights. While driving around one neighborhood admiring the lights I noticed that in one yard two of the white-light reindeer were in the process of making other white-light reindeer. Yes someone had placed the reindeer so it looked like they were humping. Stephan, were you in Virginia Beach this past Christmas?

  18. Toooo funny.

    Just started reading PBS recently (its on the front startup web page each day at a company I’m doing contract programming for — Pig related operation)

    Wanted to catch up on strips from over the weekend and stumbled on this blog.

    OK, so now here I sit LAMO and drawing attention from all these people who don’t know me. Couldn’t stop laughing. Tears down the cheek and everything.

    Thanks. Loads.

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