17 thoughts on “Twitters From a Twit

  1. I want the shirt… please make the shirt!

    On another note… am I the only one wondering where the “Billy Club” post went, or is this one of those things where lawyers meet and the past gets re-written via a Rhetor?

  2. I think it would have been better to say : Will all the stupid people … sew their lips shut. Ah, the silence

  3. Oh my, I’ve been on holiday and am just now playing catch-up. This is going to be too good. Thanks!

  4. I’ve done a deep analysis and I think I’ve figured out why Rat hates Stephan in the strip. Rat is independant and wants to be his own creature. He hates the idea that he was made by Stephan in his image. He doesn’t like being a reflection of someone else. Therefore he hates Stephan for being like him, and hates him doubly because he made him that way.

    This is what I think anyway. Stephan’s explanation would obviously be more valid… but as a writer myself I’ve discovered that other people will ask you questions about these things and you won’t have an answer because you didn’t consider it when you made it, it just felt right. In my case it’s almost always the readers who discover why it felt right.

  5. The only reason I have a twitter account. Then I saw your links on facebook for new twits. Been kiccking myself ever since.

  6. The only reason I have a twitter account. Then I saw your links on facebook for new twits. Been kicking myself ever since.

  7. Ok, uh..about the Dennis Menace rip off. Well, it’s really NOT a rip off if you had no idea it was already done. If you did it ‘pre-meditated’ (y’know, before yoga) then uh, well “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” Please note the quotes……that must mean that I ripped this saying off…and I knew it….YES…OK I ADMIT IT….IT WAS ME….YES ME!!!! I VOLITIONALLY STOLE THIS CLICHE!!! Also, I’ve taken your stuff too, P!! What a ya think of that?!? Like the Julius Caesar one you did…or was that Shakespeare? Hmmm. But ‘take heart’, dude cuz at least the main title..”PEARLS BEFORE SWINE” is all yours….right? Isn’t it? Hey wait a…….j

  8. Stephan – you got me in trouble at work! I printed out this picture a month ago (hope that was OK) and stuck it on the wall of my cubicle at work. Yesterday, I was confronted by my (stupid) manager, who asked me to take the picture down because – and I quote – “it’s offensive and a couple of people have complained”. I wanted to point out to my manager that she just proved the point about Stupid People, but I decided not to. Unbelievable! Keep up the great work!

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