Cheese, Swearing, Afghanistan and More

Part I AND Part II of my rare video interview with Tom Racine are now up.  There’s a little bit of swearing now and then, so you might not want to watch it with children present.  Unless you want to teach them new words.  Your choice.

We talk about Pearls, my trip to Afghanistan, other cartoonists (find out who I term the “supremo-prick”), Tom’s man-crush on me, and my advice for putting together a comic strip.  I also eat cheese.

Part I is HERE.

And Part II is HERE.

10 thoughts on “Cheese, Swearing, Afghanistan and More

  1. Love the man-crush! What a comic idea….I would say novel, but comic fits better. Always funny!

  2. WOW! I had to watch both parts twice and not because I couldn’t get to sleep. There was such a wealth of information given during Stephan and Tom’s bantering.

  3. Cool interview. I knew I should of called in to that radio station. Damn it! But, the newest video w/ John Glynn is even funnier than the first.

  4. Growing up, did anyone else have parents who tried to be cute about swearing when they thought about their kids being around? And I don’t mean saying cutsie things like “Oh darn” or “Fudge!” I mean things like using acronyms. I’m looking at that first paragraph and thinking back to my dad saying things like PITA and SOB. And we all seemingly use SOB whether we have kids or not. But I can remember a number of times when he’d consciously remember myself or one of my siblings were present and he’d yell out “It’s a PITA!” I asked him one time cause I knew full well he had better swears than that (had to have been about 15 or 16 at the time) and he said it was pain in the arse.

    It’s not like he never swore in front of me, usually he’d swear in French. But I look at that paragraph and think back to things like PITA and FMS. And how they’d be conciously used to swear so as to not let us learn new words.

  5. Yeah, that strip about your father-in-law is amazing. It’ll pretty much be on my fridge forever.:)

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