Tis The Season To Promote In A Clever Yet Endearing Way

Sure, I could use this column to make fun of stupid people.  But today I am taking a moratorium from mocking in order to give you many, many gift-giving ideas.

Like these guys:



Which you can buy HERE.  Or HERE, where you can even get Christmas versions that look like this:


But wait, there’s more.

Because next year will not be complete without the Pearls desk calendar:

Which you can get in stores or HERE.

Or, if you’re a big picture kind of person, the Pearls wall calendar:

Which you can also get in stores, or HERE.

Then again, maybe you’re just a book person, in which case you can get the latest Pearls collection, “When Pigs Fly.”

Which you can find in any independent bookstore or Barnes and Noble or Borders or HERE.

Then there are a whole host of Pearls clothes, cups, prints and other cool stuff at the Cafe Press store, which was recently filled with 25 new designs.  All of which you can find HERE.

They have cool stuff like this:



And this:


And because Pearls is nothing if not hip, this and many other iPhone cases:


But wait, there’s even more.  If you really really want to get something for that someone special in your life, you can get a print of ANY Pearls strip you want signed by ME.


They look like this:

To order those signed prints, click HERE.

And if you’re cheap like me, you can get unsigned prints of various Pearls strips and images HERE.

They come framed and unframed and look a little like this.



And last but not least, if you still can’t get enough of me, I just did a video interview with the great Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio (now Video), which you can find HERE.  But be warned.  Someone (won’t say who) had a bit of a potty mouth during the interview, so it may not be appropriate for young kids.

Oh, and don’t forget all the animated Pearls strips, which you can find HERE.  They’re quite entertaining.

There.  I’m done.  That is all the yuletide cheer one man can be expected to provide.

29 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Promote In A Clever Yet Endearing Way

  1. I’ll order a coffee mug to dunk rye for me. Or maybe I should get that strip autographed. I already have it pinned to my office bulletin board.

  2. ooooo…better yet, lemme know where the “unapproved” stuff is. I’d like to see one of Guard duck and his girlfriend doin’ it. 😮

  3. The site is messed up. I ordered a Snuffles coffee mug about twenty minutes ago, went back just now to look at other things and the site is gone. Rat needs to kick some butt.

  4. Never mind, it’s this link (Here) that stopped working. You can get into Cafepress through another link.

  5. I bought one of the croc prayer shirts for a co-worker of mine who turned me into a fan of your comic. For my birthday she got me a Pearls mousepad and coffee mug. 🙂

  6. I want the strip where Croc son and Zeeba girl are spending Christmas together lacing popcorn onto string. ::sigh:: We’ve decided not to do Christmas this year, just because we can’t afford it–otherwise, that would be my gift ot myself. The framed signed strip.

  7. Hey! I’m still waiting for the “no stupiding” magnets!!!

    Might…be happy with the Pig magnets…maybe.

  8. Larry and Bob just showed up at my Barnes And Nobles asking for pictures of themselves…..with the inscription…..DEES EES FROM DE STEF GUY, HAPPY HOLI DAZE AND NEW YEERZ. MAN ITS COLD OUT HEERS…….

  9. Are the dolls official? Meaning licensed? Meaning you get a piece of the action? I want one. They’re very well done. But I don’t want to help someone rip you off.

  10. What? No Shameless self-promotion for HANUKKAH?!
    8 days, Dude…ya blew it! LOL

    PS SO love your strip!

  11. OHMYGOSH!!! I WANT THE MUG!!! I’m studying to become a teacher, and I want something like that to a, remind me not to be boring, and b, make me laugh. somebody buy all this stuff for me!!!! I swear, I’m going to have to knit a Rat to squeeze. OMGOSH, iPhone cases!!!!! any with rat on them? WOO HOO!!!!!! FANDOM!!!!! yeah, you didn’t know posting this would come to a rare OMGOSH IM A FREAKIN’ FAN!!! moment.

  12. I KNEW there was a reason I listened to my husband nag me to get an iPhone cover! I was waiting to find the right one! Fairy Pig is mine 🙂

  13. Tom Smothers is my one true love. I’m glad to hear Pastis likes him, too. It’s always a pleasure to hear that some folks I admire admire some other folks I admire. (Kenwood, Steph.)

  14. @collen – Seriously why would he promote these dolls if he was getting ripped off LOL

    And what I want to see are the decals for cars so I can have the crocs telling other drivers to “Bak Of by @SS!”

  15. I would luck to see a guard duck plush toy… or maybe just a grenade that I can throw at people…

  16. Holy Shasta those strips are expensive 😦 any way you can tell us how many total there are available?

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  18. Why are the stuffed critters sitting on buckets? Could you at least make them sitting on nice porcelien toilets?

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