Call Me

For those of you who’ve always had a burning desire to ask me that Pearls question you’ve never asked, I’m appearing live on KSRO radio tomorrow (Nov. 23) at 5 p.m. PST (so that’s 8 pm for you East Coasters).

To listen live on the internet, click HERE and then click “Listen Live.”

To call in with questions, the number is 707-636-1350.

And I’m thinking I need to put together some sort of contest, but I don’t know what it is yet.   Maybe I’ll play Trivial Pursuit against one of you, and if you beat me, you get a signed sketch.  But I’m not sure what I want to do yet.  So if you have any good contest ideas, fire away.

And call in tomorrow to talk.  You’ll find me very very charming.

18 thoughts on “Call Me

  1. If someone beats you in
    Trivial Pursuit, you have to sing a Justin Bieber song. If they lose, you still have to sing, with your charming voice. I’ll be listening!

  2. Why don’t you do a, “My Most Humiliating Moment” contest on air? That way, you’ll get some new material for your stupid comic strip?

  3. Uh, hello? Loser has to tell the winner they’re awesome? Getting praise from someone as proud as Stephan Pastis is a reward in itsself.

  4. Richard……..Larry wants to know if dee internet masheens can be hooked up to dee radios so he can go to fon booths and pay dime to talk to pastis. Thank you.

  5. Don’t even try to play Stephan at trivial pursuit…you won’t win. And if you do, by some miracle, happen to win, you lose because he will come up with some reason to justify his loss. And you will never get the real satisfaction of a win. 😉

  6. Herr Pastis, once again you back out of a rematch. Twice in one month. I waited for you in Landstuhl but you did not show your face. You are most certainly afraid of how I would take you apart in Trivial Pursuit. You know you could never defeat me without the help of your friends. All I want is a fair match–just you against me.


  7. Hmm, how about coming up with a good contest idea can be the contest, and whoever comes up with the best one wins? Then you can use their idea at a later time.

  8. U are absoultly the best creative God given writer I get it ………ur so F@%#n smart i’ve been a reader of ur strip shortly after u started it I spent alot time emailing my cousin we’ve been chatting all week. I told her about u and in sundays paper which I buy cuz the strips in color discribe us Oh my good God I went online found u. got the widget & 4ward her the strip she lives n arizona n the same town my mom does who would & have a total stroke if she knew we chat to one another Stephan u were sent by God 4 us who believe & those we pray to one day to believe…..ur fish tank series was awsome ! Keep up the Gr8 work ur one Gifted M#%&*!(F! *’;: U all make us feel good….

  9. I met you on a USO tour in Iraq last year. Thanks for visiting the troops, wish I would have read this entry earlier… I could have called in and challenged you to some Trivial Pursuit, although from the sound of things, you are able to hold your own. Thanks for the cartoon, it still cracks me up.

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