It Better Be Good

I have a pretty crappy travel agent who I stick with only out of loyalty.

Anyhow, she recently recommended I visit a place that was a bit off the beaten path and not filled with tourists.

So my next report will be from there.

Wish me luck.Β  Because as vacations go, I never have any.

47 thoughts on “It Better Be Good

  1. Have fun on vacation d00d! While you are gone, you should take a picture of the most interesting thing you find… a land mark, a mom and pop shop, a huge rock… anything… and post it to your blog. It will be like sharing a piece of your vacation with the rest of us who can’t afford to take vacations. Please and thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Forget the first comment stuff. I am on the computer way too much so that means I see these emails about ten seconds after they go into my inbox. Sometimes I put a comment, other times not. But after noticing someone brag that they had the first comment, I started commenting just to be the first person to comment, just like Rat would do. Well one day when I received my email at 12:35, at 12:36 I put in my comment-no other comment showed-so I put something smart ass about always being the first to comment. Well, after leaving comment went out, got home around 8:00, told someone to look that I had the first comment again, well, I guess Pasty decides when the comments get posted, because I was not the first comment and it said 5:30 (at which point I was not near a computer). So everyone have fun thinking you are the first comment, it is now 9:10 pm, est and my first comment above said 10:54 pm-so we know someone is screwing around with us and I would guess Pasty. That being the case I am glad I put Buffalo, as I hate that place-live in the south and love it-would never want to go to Buffalo again, and all you who want to say “Good, do not come back” I will not, you have no worries. And Pasty, hope you enjoy your vacation and post alot of blogs that will keep us all laughing!

  3. I didn’t realize anyone under the age of 80 still used travel agents! Hope you have a great vacation!

  4. Wow. First I said first comment and it ended up third, now someone else says it and it ends up sixth? That’s messed up. Why didn’t “Brad” say first comment?

  5. now, now… you have plenty of luck when it comes to your vacations. It just happens to be of the “bad” variety. Well, bad for you, good for us readers because you turn it into instant hilarity for us.. πŸ˜‰

    Here’s hoping you have more good for you, boring for us… πŸ™‚

  6. Have a very good vacation!!!

    I think that after your return, you will be no more contacted there after!!!!

    And for your bills, give the address of the Crocs. They will be happy to have mails and food if any of your creditors came to see you… >BURP!!!!<

  7. Hmmm…off the beaten path, not filled with tourist. You’re not going to the landfill, are you? Send me a postcard!

  8. dude, hope it’s a spa…

    you GOTTA lose some weight. you’re startin’ to look like me

  9. At first when you said ‘off the beaten path’ I thought it might be New Delhi, but you probably just mean No Deli.

  10. You know what place doesn’t get many tourists?
    Hell. . .
    I think this is your travel agents way of telling you to go to hell.

  11. “a place that was a bit off the beaten path and not filled with tourists”

    Finally you’re coming to my home town!

  12. Well I think if she recommended any part of the midwest or of the mid-south, you should think about getting yourself a new travel agent, loyalty be damned.

  13. The Sunday strip is terrific. I had to look at it twice before my Latin II kicked in.

    Just yesterday I was talking to a convenience store clerk about what he liked to read, and he mentioned how awed he was to have been able to read Caesar’s Gallic Wars in Caesar’s native language in his Latin II class (yeah, we’re talking about school years ago).

    If Latin makes it into Pearls…, it’s gotta be making a comeback.

  14. I know you a generally dealing with Joe and Mary Beercan, but how many if your readers got your Ceasar reference to Veni, Vedi, Veci on your Nov 7th comic. And then the Marc Anthony funeral speech? Et Tu Pastis?

  15. Tom Richmond spilled the beans, dude. Thanks for doing this! Looking forward to extensive reports when you return.

  16. You’re going on vacation to escape vengeance for the Sunday cartoon. The thing with those ones is that as the reader watches the bizarre things amass in the first few panels, she knows that you’re setting up a really horrid pun, but she doesn’t want to think about it too hard, finds she can’t walk away, so is forced to follow through to see what painful thing you have constructed. Our only respite is the fact that the things are so freaking elaborate now that you can only fit them in on Sundays.

  17. Maybe she meant in the swamps of Louisiana… warm, wet, out of the way, not to touristy…
    Also you’ld meet the crocs relatives the gators.

  18. Hello Stephan!
    I am a cartoonist too and Pearls’ biggest fan in Greece, remember me?
    I like much your sense of humor… every blog-post here is almost as exciting as reading your comic strips.

    best regards!

  19. OhMyGod! PLEASE tell me you are not dragging your poor, sainted wife on another of your epic fail journeys????

  20. I guess service members don’t qualify as tourists? Then again, they probably would prefer a tour just about anywhere but there.

    I know they enjoy your visits all the same. Take care and God bless.

  21. Hahahaha…so you are finally coming to visit us in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean)! Be sure to bring your suntan lotion and appetite! Larry would love to come since there’s lots of beers and alcohol here. Have a great time where ever you go.

  22. One good thing about having a crappy anybody in your life, you can merely flush them away!


  23. Since we haven’t heard from him yet, I’m wondering how bad that travel agent really is. I hope she didn’t send him to a black hole or something.

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