Signed Books While They Last

Just signed a bunch of books and drew a character in each.  To get one, go HERE.  But be quick, because they tend to sell quick.

While on the Facebook fan page, click the little “Like” button and I think you’ll get notifications of whenever I post.



11 thoughts on “Signed Books While They Last

  1. This is one of those ideas that either works spectacularly, or falls on its face with a whimper, embarrassing me mightily. It depends on whether you will play too. It also depends on whether you have already done this series.

    *Deep breath*

    I think it would be cool to do a series of Pearls strips in which a crockydile named Louie from Noo Yawk visits Zebra, disguised as you (in one of your many strip appearances). Of course, his disguise would be his attempt to get Zebra to let him in. (Hilarity/prandiality ensues). The first punch line is that he is an “Im-Pastis” (hence the need for the Noo Yawk accent, to make it sound like “imposter.” Am I overexplaining the obvious? Why yes I am.) The second punch line is that, when all the other crocs discover his ruse, he gets in trouble; the others shout “Louie! LOUIE!” to which he responds, “woah, bebbeh–me gata go!”

  2. So us non-Facebookers are out of luck, huh?

    I still think it’d be totally awesome to be a Pearls groupie.

  3. Like the “In Pig We Trust”, but I thought yesterday you wanted “In Pastis We Trust”. And like I said, forget about coins, go for fifty or hundred dollar bills!

  4. Hey Stephan – I LOVE your comic strip and I’m staying sane through law school by reading your four treasury books each night before bed (yes, your story has not yet deterred me from finishing my J.D.). Anyway, I noticed that Pig, Rat, and the gang have started to round out a bit in the newer strips – must be all of the beer and popcorn they consume in front of the TV… They were so adorable before, maybe they can start working out to adapt their older physique?

  5. When do I find out I won? See, I am thinking positively for a change. I hit like on facebook, but I usually hit like on most of your posts. Loved todays video. So, now that we have established I have won, when will I receive my book. Oh and please include the calender too.
    Thank you.

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