An Awesome Post

I’m eating lunch at an Italian restaurant yesterday when the waitress hands the woman at the table next to me a take-home box for her leftover pizza.

Wait.  Let me back up.

If you look up the word “awesome” in the dictionary, the first definition you’ll see is this: “Inspires awe.”

Inspires awe.

Landing on the moon.  I’d say that inspires awe.

Beethoven composing his 9th Symphony while deaf.  That would count.

Michelangelo’s lying on his back to paint the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. Yes, that would do it.

I bring this up because when the woman at the table next to me got her little styrofoam container for her two leftover slices of pepperoni pizza, she said this:

“This is awesome.”

Yes, that little leftover box “inspired awe” in that woman.

I can only assume from her use of the English language that when she opened it, she saw on the underside of the lid one obvious thing:

A painting by Michelangelo.

Which he created while lying on his back in the styrofoam container.

Hey, it was an Italian restaurant.

53 thoughts on “An Awesome Post

  1. Yup, it astounds me how overused yet misunderstood so many words are these days. Okay, I get it – “great” might seem a little flat, but for goodness sake, get a Thesaurus man!

  2. Well, I suppose it is pretty awesome that there is a container to take your food in instead of having to shove it in your pockets.

  3. Once again always funny. Take an everyday occurrence and make it into extra-ordinary!

  4. I must be on the computer way too much! It seems everytime I get your email from world press I can be the first to comment……..I do not comment on all, but many. Sometimes I could be the first to comment but I have to log in and someone else beats me to it. I must need to get a life/1

  5. Leftovers only get an awesome from me if they come in a biodegradeable container….I would have given her pizza a “so-so”.

  6. Maybe the cheese stuck to the roof of the box looked eerily like Michangelo’s famous mural. Kind of like when people find Jesus’ face on the back of a road sign, or when Al Bundy’s sweaty armpit stain looked like Elvis. The DEGREE of Awe could be miniscule, but they are all viewed with AWE in some way….

  7. I know this woman. Yesterday a waitress spilled steaming hot coffee on her and the day before that she detonated a tabletop ketchup container, destroying three nice blouses and a sharp shirt / tie combo. Today she was leaving unscathed and this was uh, extraordinary.

  8. Word inflation. All words in the English language decline in the purity of their exclamatory value until finally they can only be used to describe acts of copulation or excretion. Eventually we will lack the vocabulary to conduct any kind of intercourse that isn’t sexual.

  9. I think she was referring to the pop-up statue of David included in every Italian restaurant styrofoam container.

    It was literally awesome.

  10. I’m sorry, but I must note that Styrofoam always inspires awe. If that woman was gazing upon Styrofoam AND pizza, “awesome” was likely the most articulate term she could think of.

  11. That’s stupid. It probably had a prediction of her son’s future wealth. Like a fortune cookie. Except on the lid of a pizza box.

  12. Awesome Cathy storyline. Awesome way to guilt the old-timers into getting off the comics page

  13. Awesome also means “excellent,” according to Google Dictionary.

    Also, when you look up “ass” in a dictionary, the first definition you get is “a hoofed mammal of the horse family with a braying call, typically smaller than a horse and with longer ears.”

    I have to say, you’ve got a pretty nice ass (in your strips).

  14. Reminds me of my English teacher in high school… he hated it when people used that word wrong. He was so awesome.

  15. I understand the blog post, however, I do not see why using the word ‘awesome’ as a slang word should not be acceptable.

    There are so many slang words people use that are not used in context of their original definition.

    I’m sorry I’m giving props to the girl and her pizza container. Your awesome girl, your awesome!

  16. First: STYROFOAM [grrrr arrrrgggh!!] pizza box: obviously the woman MEANT to say: “Awful!”

    Secondly. Oh my goodness, Stephan, you’re a good guy and I know you feel indebted to Ms. Guisewite for some reason, but sweet Mother of God, can we PLEASE be done with “Cathy” ??? Argh. Ick. I’m sorry; she may be a nice lady but holy cats – that strip wasn’t funny 10 years ago when (by popular vote) it was removed from the local paper’s comic pages.

    Please, do it for the children! 🙂

    Thanks for a usually hilarious strip. (Which I’m sure it will be again: once it’s been fumigated to eradicate the lingering Cathy-odor.)

  17. Michealangelo actually painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapen while standing straight up, which caused him permanent shoulder damage. I’m not making this up.

  18. Hahahahaha. When do you come up with this stuff? Does it pop in your head the moment something like this happens? Then you proceed to share your AwEsOmE revelations via internet?
    Seriously though they are Awesome. XD

  19. Have you heard the song “Get a Job” by The Offspring? I heard it on the radio, and I was just imagining Rat screaming the chorus to a bunch of people at his cafe.
    would that not be hilarious?
    think about it.

  20. I edit a youth-written publication and, at our annual training, told them this word is now forbidden. The problem isn’t what it does mean. The problem is what it doesn’t mean. As a verbal tick, sure, it’s neat, it’s groovy, it’s wizard, it’s fab, it’s gear. But in writing, the fact that it means nothing except “I like it” leaves a lot of room for specificity.

  21. People use the term “awesome” about my cooking all the time. I’m that good. Okay, maybe not all the time, but people have said it. I heard them.

  22. If you can’t cook, any food seems awesome. The fact that you can throw a few pieces of (mostly) green paper at someone, instead of having to learn a new skill set, to get what you want IS awesome.
    You do not understand what it is like to be completely useless.

  23. I just watched your interview on The Big Idea where you talk about meeting Charles Schulz and that he talked to you for an hour about your work before Pearls was created…now THAT is awesome!

  24. Probably the most important facet of this story is Pastis has abandoned the no-turkey turkey-sandwich deli for a restaurant.

  25. Awesome having Larry (of all characters!) on JEOPARDY! Yesterday’s (Sunday’s) strip kinda reminded of Charlie Brown blowing it in the national spelling bee.

  26. So when I went searching for your books to read in the Kindle App on my iPad, I found out
    1) you only have one book for kindle reading
    2) the other book that comes up in the search suggestions is called “Profitable Livestock”

    Love to order your next treasury on my iPad / Kindle.

  27. Maybe she was thinking about the future, when she’d be able to enjoy her left over pizza from the comfort of her own home! Or, maybe she doesn’t get out much, and didn’t expect a box, but maybe some foil in which to wrap the pizza. I can’t imagine anyone in CA thinking anything made out of styrofoam as “awesome”.

  28. Well, when you think of what a luxury that pizza would’ve been for most of history, I guess it is awesome.

    (Nothing like researching a 19th century novel to make you appreciate things like pizza, supermarkets, central heating…)

  29. You are funny. I mean seriously funny. I’m sitting at work reading your blog, that I just found, and I have no actual work to do. This beats doing actual work hands down. Your comics make my gray, abismal days seem a little sunny for a moment, and I thank you, sir.

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