By The Time I Get to Phoenix, She’ll Be Eating Zeebas

I don’t want to be arrogant.

And I think it’s rather arrogant for a cartoonist to publicly claim credit for the influence his or her strip has had upon popular culture.

But mine has.

I refer specifically to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s opening statement at the recent gubernatorial debate in Arizona, where after a 13-second brain-freeze, she said this:

“We have did what was right for Arizona.”


Croc-speak has taken over.

While I never intended the language of Larry and the Zeeba Zeeba Eata crocs to be spoken by our elected representatives, what’s done is done.Β  So to Jan Brewer and any other Governor who in times of panic seek to summon their inner-Larry, I say only this:

It’s pronounced, “Areezona.”

34 thoughts on “By The Time I Get to Phoenix, She’ll Be Eating Zeebas

  1. This is an utterly pompous position that you are holding here and I will not standby as you…. uh…… me mouf es dry, me needs beer.

  2. Since our country has no official language, maybe one of our representatives can sneak it in one of the bills they pass. Then we will have an OFFICIAL language in the good old USA!

  3. When I read her speech, I was stunned. My husband is from Areezona but might not be so quick to admit it any more. Is she related to the beauty pageant contestant who gave that horrible, convoluted speech about geography?

  4. As always, you never cease to amaze me with your humor. Hell, if I could draw, I’d make a pilgrimage to your place just to say “hello.” Actually, it would be fun just to do it even though I can’t draw… If a random 6’5″ tall dude with long hair and a scraggly beard ever just randomly says, “hello” to you, please don’t pepper spray him in the face. He probably just thinks you rule. And you do, so keep up the arrogance, you’ve earned it by writing the best comic strip in a long time. Plus, your blog deserves extra arrogance since it is also funny.

    By the way, why didn’t you ever take credit for anything President Bush said? His language was rather croc-esque, wasn’t it?

  5. Since they don’t have Crocs in Texas, I believe that George Bush speaks Gator. I know that they can be similar to the untrained ear, but they are different dialects.

  6. Did you know that Bush once said, “In France, they don’t even have a word for entrepreneur”.

    Actually, I’m not sure if he ever said that, but it would be awesome if he had.

  7. Speaking of Croc speak, I contra dance a lot, and often when I meet a new neighbor in line, I will say, “Helloooo Zeeba Neighbaaa.” Some people get it.

  8. She hasn’t gotten it quite right. It should have been “We haz did wot wuz right for Areezona.”

    She obviously needs more lessons.

  9. I have inside information that her entire debate performance was in homage to your cartoon. I’m told her references to be-headings in the Arizona deserts were referring to dead zeebas. Her refusal to even acknowledge the press after the debate was a personal homage to Danny Donkeys disgust of the human race.

  10. One of the most brilliant women I have ever known once started to say, “Isn’t it weird how there’s always a valley between mountain ranges…” before stopping and asking us to never speak of it again.

    Nah, I never judge people by how they speak. I had no use for Bush, but I never used his speaking as an excuse. I know an engineering genius at work who has a horrible stutter.

    And think about it. Who are the smooth talkers out there? The shady salesman? The drug pusher? The guy trying to get into some young thing’s pants? The crooked politician (Yeah, I know, redundant)?

    Smooth talking is highly overrated.

  11. Im from Arizona and Im proud. πŸ˜€ Im also proud that our Governator is a croc..for crocs are my second favorite charts in this great strip πŸ˜€ next to guard ducky πŸ˜€

  12. first areezona what next caleefornea soon we are going to have a goveenata will be saying “Iam ze Goveenata”

  13. I cannot sit idly while you shame and defame Larry, Bob and the boyz. They are much smarter than the Gov. If only Larry had been invited to the debate, his quote would have made the CNN Ticker: “Pease shut mouf Woman!” Croc Shocks Box o’ Rocks.

    You’re welcome.

  14. umm…i may be wrong here…but she was never actually elected to that position. it fell in her lap. regardless…point well made, sir. ees funny!

  15. I live in Arizona. This make me like Jan Brewer even more!

    Can I get a translator here?

  16. “My husband is from Areezona but might not be so quick to admit it any more.” Sheesh, get a spine.

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