When Pigs Fly

The latest Pearls collection is now in stores.  It’s called “When Pigs Fly.”  You can get it at your local bookstore or right HERE.

The intro is about a very important topic, namely, which cartoonists I can beat up and which I can’t.

Like all collections, it contains around 9 months worth of strips, but unlike other collections, it includes 11 strips that were never published in newspapers.  They’re from the early days of the strip when it was internet-only.

And let me just say this — Those 11 strips are so bad they almost cross over into good.

18 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. Another treasury, awesome! Just wanted to thank you for the great comics: I am visually-impaired and my girlfriend reads them to me all the time; she got me Pearls Sells Out and it was great! I especially enjoy these since my local newspaper only runs the strips on Saturday (we have no Sunday paper) so we miss out on a lot of them. Since it’s not always practical for her to read them from the website, these treasuries let me “see” a lot of the strips for the first time.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work — here’s one fan who will never judge your drawing ability (so I am sure the early webstrips will look great to me!)

  2. Will have to check B&N. It’s the only bookstore in town. I was able to get two other books signed by Pastis and mailed to me from Santa Rosa stores but was told they were no longer going to put people on a waiting list for signed copies. That kind of bites for anyone NOT living in Santa Rosa. I have a Rat and L’il Guard Duck but really, REALLY want a Snuffles. I tried to get both on the last book but the store guy said he could only send one.

  3. Hey Stephan,
    hope you’re well. Would you mind, explaining to me how, despite being ‘oh so popular’, you don’t manage to make money off the strip? Don’t get me wrong, I love your work, I’ve read every strip that’s been put out. I would think 5 million fans should net you a sizable chunk o’change.
    I bring this point up only in a lame effort to get you to part with one of your new books ( my ‘oh so selfish’ motive)
    It’s what rat would do! So if i ask nicely, Can I please have a book? I’m in India and we can’t really buy these things in the book stores here (I’ve seen a few of the old ones, but the new ones take their own sweet time getting here.) So, be a sport to a fan, who actively endorses your strip and pimps pearls to everyone possible!
    Please send me a copy!? I’d have thought no less of you for not having sent it, and will remain a dedicated fan.
    And I wouldn’t blame you for not having sent it, cause, well that’s also what Rat would do! Peace Mon, Abhay J.

  4. Yay!
    One question, though: does it line up with the current day-by-day calendar again? It was kind of disappointing to be reading the last book right after seeing all of those comics in the calendar!

  5. I’m a little undecided about buying this now, since I hope to get a signed copy whenever you do more signings.

    …But I can’t wait that long, I’ll just have to buy two.

  6. Got the book earlier today and I’m almost finished reading it. It’s been fun reading the strips in the books and trying to guess which ones will have comments under them in the next treasury, anyway, keep the good comics coming.

  7. It sounds like it’s a collection, not a treasury. If you go to Amazon, you will see this book has about 140 or so pages, whereas the last couple treasuries had over 260 pages.

  8. I stopped at B&N and picked up my book. The guy almost wouldn’t sell it to me saying something about “hard dates”. He rechecked his screen and said it was ok. I took it and ran in case he might change his mind. I should now be all caught up on PBS books. I’m still annoyed that I’ll never be able to get a signed copy again, though.

  9. i loved it!!!! i’m doing this book for my book report.tiny Suggestion hair cut gone wrong, the stylist slips and cuts goats beard off. you rock!!

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