And You Thought the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities Were Eerie

So I’m reading this book on the early Christian church, trying to figure out how it was that my church, the Greek Orthodox, split off from the Roman Catholics.

The book explains that the early Christian church had five centers, or patriarchates, all of which were considered equal.  They were Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria.  Then one day the Roman patriarchate decided it was better than all the rest and broke off, leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

Sound familiar?

It should.  Because 1,000 years later it happened again.

Only this time it was Justin Timberlake and ‘N Sync.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

54 thoughts on “And You Thought the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities Were Eerie

  1. Since the Church of Greece was mentioned, an issue has always bothered me: why do the Greek priests all wear beards? It makes them look extreamly suspicious and as though they are in a perpetual act of smuggling something under or in those beards; plus, they absolutely must be disadvantageous in a fight – giving the opponent something to hang onto.

  2. Okay, now you’re thinking waaaay too much about the wrong thing… or aren’t boy bands only meant for teenage girls to dote over? I’ve always considered BBs a bit like cat litter… not that teenage girls dote over cat litter.

  3. Wow. I never thought of it like that…

    And the way I understood it was Rome forced the OTHERS to break off, and they did because Rome’s cardinal was a self-centered S.O.B. who thought he should lead all of the others.

    Actually, I think that describes Timberlake as well….

  4. …. *brain reboots* You are so odd!! I LOVE IT!! 🙂 Keep bringing the laughs!

  5. I love your strip!
    re: history repeats itself… I have this theory that people do not evolve. We are just cavemen with fancier tools, and fancier caves. Apparently, mankind as a group cannot learn from its mistakes.

  6. ‘N Sync?


    A no talent boy band?

    Where have you gone Stephen Pastis, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you. . .

  7. i love this blog. i love pearls before swine.
    sometimes, i can’t help but quote entire pearls comic strips in conversation.

  8. Reminds me of Tony Danza and the rest of the cast of “Who’s the boss?” . . . Although Alyssa Milano seem’s to have done okay . . .

  9. Good point.

    But let’s also remember that at times ‘add-ons’ can lead people astray too.

    A group added the book of Mormon and caused a major division.

    Do people learn?


    John added Yoko and look what happened!

  10. OMG, it’s like the two don’t even compare. And yet, when you do it, it’s funny.

  11. The similarities between the remainder of ‘NSync and the medieval Byzantine Empire are unmistakable.

  12. At first I thought why this blog entry was so small for such a title…

    but after I saw your second-to-last sentence…
    I felt like facepalm-ing for a while…

    1 minute after, I still feel that way…

  13. Almost 2,000 years ago demons were allowed to possess pigs.
    Repeat that in your strip if you dare (although Rat is probably already possessed).

  14. “History will teach us nothing.” I think Cher said that, right before she ditched Sonny.

  15. I completely agreeing with the facepalm-ing sentiment.
    I might’ve literally laughed out loud when I got to that sentence.

  16. Love today’s strip…thanks for putting into symbols my feeling of the BP disaster.

  17. By the time the Roman Catholics split off there was only other center left: Constantinople. Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria had been taken by Muslims in the 700’s.

  18. Timberlake? I thought of Kenny Rodgers and the First Edition. (that’s how old *I* am…)

  19. For me, the paraphrased line is “Those who do not remember the ’70s are condemned to repeat them.” Witness the resurgence of dance music. It has the same beat as “the Hustle”, therefore it is just rewarmed disco. Think of the Bee Gees and fear for the world…

  20. So what you’re saying is that Justin Timberlake is, ultimately, the same as the Pope?

    Works for me!

  21. History’s a little inaccurate. Rome was always seen as the “head authority” as the seat of Peter. After Constantine moved the capital of the Empire to Constantinople, the bishop there (patriarch) thought that the “head authority” should also transfer. However, apostolic authority remained with the bishop of Rome as occupying the chair of Peter. There was no precedent for the transfer of leadership, and since Jesus specified Peter to be the rock, the Church couldn’t change this. The bishop of Constantinople disagreed and due to a bunch of other geopolitical things, the Eastern Church split from the Western Church…. 🙂

    Ever since then, the Roman Catholic Church has been trying to re-unite with her Orthodox brother.

    Justin sings well, but there’s a sweeter harmony when the whole band’s together. 🙂

  22. Then you are saying that the Greek Orthodox Church is like Joey Fatone, or perhaps Lance Bass… Interesting.

  23. I just have to say, STEPHAN- I am amused how many people misspell your name here in the comments, which happens to be the URL for your blog and is likely staring each one of those people in the face.

  24. I’d love to blame my misspelling of Stephan’s name on my phone’s autocorrect feature, but I can’t. Which is why I am blaming it on something much more believable. Garden gnomes. They commented on the post after hacking my account and used the wrong name to paint me in a bad light.

  25. Justen was only being brought down by the rest of the band and he deserved better… just like the Roman Catholics.
    Your right history does repeat itself.

  26. Since the Church of Greece was mentioned, an issue has always bothered me: why do the Greek priests all wear beards?”

    Because they want to look suspicious, like they’re smuggling something all the time. Such as, the Word of God into pagan brains.

  27. Στέφανος, (the correct spelling)

    Also Orthodox, and I love the occasional references. My favorite was the strip where one of the characters (was it Rat?) blew hookah smoke in the shape of the Agia Sophia. Happy reading!

    in Christ,
    SubDn. Lucas

  28. Actually, I think the supposed Lincoln-Kennedy assasination similaties are a joke. Especially as some of them are just plain false.

    Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln. False, Lincoln’s secretaries during his entire time in office were John Nicolay and John Hay. Not a single Kennedy there.

    Booth was born 1839, Oswald was born 1939. Again False, Booth was born in 1838.

    Lincoln’s secretary, Kennedy, warned him not to go to the theatre and Kennedy’s secretary, Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas. Again wrong as we already know Lincoln’s secretary was not name Kennedy. We do know one of his personal White House Guards, Colonel William Crook advised him not to go to Ford’s Theater after Lincoln told him he’d dreamed the night before of being assassinated (see Michael Sanders “Strange Tales of the Civil War”).

    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. The odds are pretty good that two political figures, nearly a hundred years apart, will be assissinated on the same day of the week. 1 in 7 in fact. A better coincidence would be for them to have both been assassinated on a Firday on the same day of the same month. The odds of that are a lot higher.

    These are just some of the supposed coincidences, and it’s pretty easy to show their either false or just reaching for something.

  29. What’s that got to do with the subject? Lincoln’s secretary was Roman Catholic & Kennedy’s was Greek Orthodox? Sheesh. Some people just love to take the fun out of everything. Thank you, Mr. Know-It-All.

  30. Hey! Does this mean that the rest of the band can hope to achieve Orthodoxy one day?

  31. Okay, I’m sending this off to Lino Rulli. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he has a show on Sirius/XM’s The Catholic Channel(chs.159/117) appropriately called “The Catholic Guy Show” Monday through Friday 1pmPST/4pmEST. He’ll get a kick out of this especially if he reads it on either Thursday or Friday when he has his priest friends on.

  32. To Beau10,

    All Orthodox priest have beards. Children do not, but men do. It is a symbol of maturity. It is the same in the Icons that we venerate. You can tell the maturity of the subject by the beard.

  33. Stephan,

    What is the name of the book? When we were in Greece we were told that the Turkish Government had shut down the school/church in Constantinople (Istanbul). So now they will not be able to pick their new pope. So much for that freedom of religion thing…..

    ps love your strip. And I will never look at Justin Timerlake the same.

  34. So, if the Roman Catholic Church is Timberlake, then the Popemobile is Pope in a box.


    Simmer down people it was a joke.

  35. being greek orthodox you might appreciate the fact that i love PBS (whoa, i never noticed THAT before!) so much i have been making little bound books out of the sunday strips and medieval-esque triptychs with three panel strips.
    p.s. i am not worthy etc…

  36. I used to hate this strip! It drove me nuts. I tried so hard to ignore it in the Sunday Houston Chronicle. Lio was bad enough but PBS pushed me to the brink. Two addictions were intolerable! But before I knew it I was tearing out PBS funny-funnies, pasting them in my journals and ADDING COMMENTS! Sheesh! Tonight I stumbled over this blog and landed on my ass!

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