What I’ve Learned from the World Cup

I’ve been watching a lot of World Cup soccer.

Whenever there is a close-call involving contact between two players, both players roll around on the ground holding their shin.  The guy who does the most convincing job of this gets the call.

This bothers some people.

Not me.

I find it inspirational.

So yesterday, when my wife Staci told me I was supposed to pick up our son Tom from basketball practice, I told her she should have mentioned it to me earlier.  She says she did, but I wasn’t listening.  I said she never told me.  She said I never listen.

So I dropped to the kitchen floor and started rolling around holding my shin.

She said, “You are so strange,” and left the kitchen.

Maybe it only works in soccer.

29 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from the World Cup

  1. Now, that is just funny. Your humor continues to make me giggle! ;o) Thanks for that!

  2. I’m going to have to try that one and hope that my husband is a little more sympathetic. Or just thrown off topic by the element of surprise. Whatever works.

  3. I’m reading your blog while listening to a webinar and clicked to these comments. The first thing I noticed was the comment by “Nancy June” and then I saw “Nicholas June” under her.. and then “Jennifer June”. And I thought – what? he’s staging these comments because they’re all from the same family! Then I realized it was the date, and I feel silly. I guess Staci would say I’m strange too.

  4. You forgot the most important part…As you drop to the ground, you have to act like you just took a bullet from a high-powered rifle, and make sure the look on your face is one of abject terror that your career is over because you tripped over another person….

  5. With your intuitive ability to grasp the bizarrely obvious, I’m surprised that you didn’t realize that a certain body part trumps a kick in the shins. Next time, hold that part and roll around on the kitchen floor. It might just work.

  6. You’re lucky she didn’t kick you in your oompa loompas…that would have really given you something to roll around on the floor for!

    Keep the laughs coming!! 🙂

  7. I love how nonchalantly she evidently took the fact that you threw yourself to the floor and did this. She’s used to you. That’s scary for you. And for her.

  8. maybe you need to give her a bunch of cards,a whistle ,a flag and a hat while ur at it.then she will give u

  9. Flopper!!! This only works in Soccer and Basketball, like Big Baby Davis when he got elbowed in the playoffs

  10. Soccer players are SUCH drama queens.

    I guess that explains a lot about you though.

  11. It would have been stranger if you dropped to the floor, holding her shins.

  12. …your wife Staci as opposed to your other wife, Amy, who *doesn’t* think that you’re so strange?

    Then it’s just a matter of picking your moments 😉

  13. Yeah, my friend’s mom yells at the tv. We could here it from his basement. LOL!

  14. In Europe, the drop-and-roll routine is known as “simulation.” No one believes it, but it adds a little spice to the game. Now, karate kicks to the chest during the final are a whole other matter. That’s just a childish tantrum by an overgrown adolescent who is being hideously overpaid (both in money and media attention) to play what was originally a children’s game.

  15. I once tried that in golf after a bad shot, but everyone just looked at me and then called security.

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