31 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park Is Not Well-Run

  1. @anwa
    Maybe they’re doing speed while they’re speeding and that’s what’s killing them. Of course who’s selling drugs to bears?

  2. When I first saw that sign I was wodering if it was encouraging me to speed. What if I don’t want to save bears’ lives?

  3. Well, y’know what?
    Maybe if the bears would just obey the law and wear there seat belts, we wouldn’t be wasting money on those stupid signs.

  4. Well Stephan, maybe they have Anthropomorphic animals just like in the strip.

  5. Having lived in the Poconos for an amount of time I would rather forget, I can say yelling at bears makes them pee all over themselves. My husband and I have hit our share and then some. Wish I could have taken their drivers licenses away! My son would love to make a video game out of the bears driving so he, his wife and children could take turns killing the bears on speed!

  6. Speeding doesn’t kill bears. Bears kill bears.

    You’ll pry this gas pedal out of my cold, dead paws before I give it up.

  7. If bears can drive well enough to speed, that might explain why there are braile buttons on drive up ATMs. Or maybe not.

  8. Hey, when you’re on the run with a pic-a-nic basket and Ranger Smith’s hot on your trail, who’s going to do the speed limit?

  9. This sounds like the makings of a story board for a future strip where rat is speaking over the grave of a dead bear and quotes this sign

  10. I’m also on vacation right now. No speeding bears here, though. Have a good one.

  11. Well, at least now I know how you bozos killed me. Now it’s time for my glorious revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hey I think I saw you the other day…. it was at some beach in santa barbara. You were in a small honda, and we drove by you as you were leaving, and I was like “whoa! is that stephan pastis?!?! OMG!!”

  13. My family has a cabin just outside of the main valley…my dad used to chat with Ansel Adams there…we used to watch the firefalls…forest service would light logs and send them down Yosemite Falls…great place…overrun with people now, and yes…not well run!

  14. It’s really for the best. You don’t want to be the guy who just hit a bear in Yosemite National Park. Those bears make the LA gangs look like cheerleaders.

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