I Had Her at Bucky Tu

I work a couple days a week at Charles Schulz’s studio in Santa Rosa, California. One of the people I work with is named Becci (pronounced “Becky”).

Only I don’t call her Becci.

I call her Bucky Tuna.  And usually I don’t even say that.

I say, “Bucky Tuuuuuuuu.”

I think I got the nickname from Bucky Katt in Get Fuzzy (Bucky likes tuna). But it’s been so long I really don’t remember.

All I know is that as I saw her walking across the parking lot at work recently, I yelled, “Bucky TUUUUUU!!!”  It was very loud.  And very obnoxious.

The good thing about Becci is that even though the nickname is kind of stupid, she never says anything.   She doesn’t even seem to mind when I yell it at her across the parking lot.

Except this time.

This time she stopped walking.

This time she just stared at me.

Because it wasn’t her.

Mortified, I didn’t even try to explain the situation to the scared woman who looked like she was about to mace me.

Which made it worse.  As though “BUCKY TUUUUUUU” was my standard greeting with strangers.

There was only one way to play it off.

Act like it was a foreign language she didn’t understand.  I even changed my walk slightly to include a limp, as though people from my country walk funny.

“Bucky tuuuu,” I mumbled as I went past her.

As though the same word that meant “hello” in my language also meant “goodbye” or “fare thee well.”

Which worked perfectly.

By which I mean she didn’t mace me.

Bucky Tu.

37 thoughts on “I Had Her at Bucky Tu

  1. If you ever start yelling like that at me, you’ll be thankful if getting Maced is all that happens to you.

  2. OTS, but everybody at Comics Curmudgeon is wondering about this: In PBS, Zeebra is currently dealing w/ a police officer named Potus, who wants him to give a limb or loved one to the crocs.
    1)Does this have something to do w/ Obama? (POTUS = President Of The United States)Is this some kind of political statement?
    2)If so, whaaa?

  3. It isn’t unlikely for “hello” to also mean “good bye”, that is the case with Hebrew and I think Arabic.

  4. LOL

    Scrap today’s strip, the Prince joke is useless (didn’t he end up chaning it back to Prince once he realized no one could address him). This blog entry was ten thousand times funnier

  5. Problem is, “BUCKY TUUUUU” (if heard across a parking lot and comes out slightly muffled/garbled on the other end) might also sound like a particular expletive. Which would explain why the woman seemed like she wanted to mace you.

  6. It really was your only option. Once you’ve committed to the yell, you just have to go with it.

    BTW: Pearls is, by far, my favorite comic strip.

  7. That’s funny. I think I knew a guy in highschool who’s real name was Bucky Tu.

  8. That’s why I don’t talk to people in public, unless I am drunk, then I have an excuse to be an ass.

  9. Bucky Tu to you.
    The bigger question is why would they let you into Schulz’s studio?

  10. My father once circled a block three times (once wasn’t enough) to yell at a passerby that he recognized from 10 years ago. Each time we passed the walker my father slowed down to yell, “David! Hey, David! Over here, David.” By lap three my dad realized it wasn’t David. There was no way to play that one off.

  11. This happened to me once. Except that it was a teacher I sighted across campus, and I was yelling the also-strange nickname that I have for one of my friends.

  12. That happened to me just yesterday!
    I thought this girl was my friend Sofia and she was standing alone so I was like YOU LOSER and then she turned around and it wasn’t her. And even though just saying “oh sorry I thought you were someone else” would have basically explained everything, I said “oh, nevermind, you’re not a loser!!” as if I really did mean that comment toward her in the first place but then changed my mind once I saw her shirt

  13. Prince did the whole symbol thing because he was pissed at his record label. There was a control issue with his name so he decided to call himself the [unpronounceable symbol]so they couldn’t market albums. Or some such thing. Prince is a whack-job, but a true artist. Just read his lyrics and you will see.

  14. Plus, don’t you have to have autistic talent to do stuff at a real art studio?

  15. That happened to me too. Just the other day, I was picking up my wife at work, saw her talking to some friends, snuck up behind her and gave her this big bear hug.

    The funny thing was that it turned out that she wasn’t my wife.

  16. Is this something to do with the current storyline in ‘Get Fuzzy’, where Bucky is calling himself Steve and is Steve-ifying things?

  17. Ah, now I see. The whole giving up Norbert think in Harry Potter suddenly makes so much sense. Hagrid couldn’t keep Norbert because Norbert had alergies 😉

  18. HHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Oh God my sides hurt from laughing!!! It probably wouldn’t be so funny if I had done things similar my whole life! It started when I was about 8 and I was at the pool with my sister. I jumped on her back to pull her under…and it wasn’t her! Needless to say I got kicked in the old(young) yam bag!

    And the hits(kicks) just keep on coming!…

  19. We symphathize, Stephan. I imagine this type of thing is common to those of us who enjoy PBS and Get Fuzzy. Just remember, we’re special (not so ‘special’ we belong in ‘special ed’, but…you know what I mean)

  20. LOL!! I like that. Maybe I could scare my friends saying that randomly!!

    Bucky tu!!!!!!!!

  21. I think we’re all glossing over the best part of this entire post: you work a couple days a week at Charles Schulz’s studio! How cool is that? That’s like a painter working in van Gogh’s house or a sculptor working in Michaelangelo’s studio.

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