A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed, Unless He Wants Brazilian Food

On Sunday I went to a place that serves Brazilian food.

The guy behind the counter said, “What can I get you, my friend?”

I asked what he recommended.

He said, “We have many good things, my friend.”

I asked what most people ordered.

He said, “The chicken and rice, my friend.”

I stared at him, wondering how we had grown so close so fast.

“I’ll take the chicken and rice,” I said.

He entered it in the register.

“That will be eight dollars, my friend.”

I started to take my wallet from my pocket but stopped.

“Eight dollars?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “Is that a problem?”

“Yes,” I said, staring him in the eye.  “I thought we were friends.”

He didn’t smile.  He didn’t react.

As I paid him, I felt compelled to add one more thing.

“You’ve put a great strain on our relationship.”

52 thoughts on “A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed, Unless He Wants Brazilian Food

  1. That’s funny! I have noticed some people like to use the expression, “My friend” a lot. Years ago, I thought I had a friend who used to call me “My Brother”. That was until he stole my wallet & took my ATM Card to Casino Rouge without me.

  2. I wonder if he started to curb his usage of “friend” after that encounter.

  3. i believe that the broken pencils strained the relationship more than the food, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. you can’t have a brazilian restaurant without broken pencils. it just isn’t possible.

  5. honestly spaceman you need to get out. like, please gtju before i break your pencils.

  6. Somehow I can’t see Rat in the coffee shop acting that way, at least not without an adjective starting with “f” preceding the “friend.”

  7. Pastis, I want you to put yourself in Rat’s place right now, and have Rat holding a bat…

  8. “my friend” must go right along with Jamaica’s “no problem, mahn” 🙂

  9. You little shit disturber. It’s part of the culture, but still that was pretty funny.

  10. HAha I can imagine that you said that with a completely straight face too..

  11. He’s Brazilian. He’s used to it.

    Plus he knows that you’re going to eat his food without question.

  12. That’s just it, though. The best brazilian food is far from chicken and rice. He wasn’t your friend to begin with. You just caught on to that a little sooner than he wanted.

    We brazilians are cheeky bastards. =)

  13. This sounds like a Pig perfect moment for the strip. Can’t you just picture Pig all excited about having a new “friend” only to get a bill and saying “You’ve put a great strain on our relationship.”

  14. Hmmm…sounds like the guy at the local convienience store, who called me his friend every day when I stopped and got coffee on the way to work…right up until the afternoon I stopped in after work and was 7 cents short on a much needed can of beer-7 cents, mind you, that were visible right there in the spare penny tray that I regularly contributed to…the end result was that he eventually let me slide on the 7 cents, but from that day on, never called me his friend again, and even started counting the number of coffee creamers that I put in my cup in the morning.

    I now have a different place to buy coffee.

  15. Uh-oh. Did you inspect your food before you ate it ? Just a thought…..

  16. Lol. Here in Brazil is very common to say “amigo” (friend) like you would say pal or buddy.

  17. Honestly, the more I read these posts, the more I feel like less of a cartoonist……

    ……You know, because I’ve never done anything like this XD

  18. Eu te chamar de amigo porque não me lembro a palavra-Americano de idiota.*

    *I call you friend because I do not know the American word for dork.

  19. Sooo, how many Brazilian resturants have you been kicked out of? (chuckle) I think I might have laughed, if I were him. or at least chuckled.

  20. Sorry, dum, but I am “out” – but it just so happens that I get an e-mail on my BlackBerry whenever Stephan posts something.

    Oh, and that’s a very appropriate handle, by the way.

  21. Of all your things o’stuff, I think the tootsie roll o’kindess is the best yet.

  22. The sad thing about today’s strip…. Disney’s probably gonna have a Bambi themed chess set featuring Bambi as the king, Faline as the queen, Thumper and Flower as bishops, Bambi’s parents as knights, and the rooks being friend owl and Thumper’s mom. And all the pawns just being a bunch of squirels, birds, and other little forest creatures sitting on or around a stump. Then Pig will absolutely be right.

  23. Great job, Jim! The whole story comes alive. Makes me want to go get some $8 chicken & rice.

  24. You’ve been hanging around rat too much, my friend. Now that I think of it, pig could’ve said this too, and been truly hurt.
    Your buddy,

  25. I once worked with a guy who took a phone call next to me and, obviously, heard only his end of the conversation. Smiling the whole time, he was saying, “Yes, my friend”, “No, my friend”, “Yes, my friend”, etc.
    Upon ending the call, he turned to me and said, “Sheesh! That guy is such an a**hole!”
    Needless to say, anytime I hear someone say “my friend”, I equate it with being called an a**hole.

  26. Hey patis, its Dave here and I’m brazillian haha, and i have a request for a comic… can you put me or someone else in a comic please 🙂 i write comics too

  27. Hey patis, its Dave here and I’m brazillian haha, and i have a request for a comic… can you put me or someone else in a comic please 🙂 i write comics too Sincerily Dave ;

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