Animated Stephan

You know your friends have too much time on their hands when they start making animated shows about you.

In this case, the friend is Mark Tatulli, creator of the comic strip “Lio.” And he has made me the star of my own animated series.

In less than one day, he has produced four separate installments.  At this rate, he’ll have 1,200 by year-end.

My character appears to have a singular obsession, which I’ll let you see for yourself.  I’d object, but it’s so accurate, I can only cry.

To see all four parts, click HERE.

By the way, he made the animations at this site that lets you create your own animated movies in a matter of minutes.  It’s  It’s very fun.  So if you want, please create your own movies about me and I will link to them here.   Extra points if you make fun of Mark or portray me in a more flattering light.

49 thoughts on “Animated Stephan

  1. Dean Booth used to make animations of “Mary Worth” episodes at that site. I guess he got tired of doing it. Hopefully, Mark will as well.

  2. Lío. Hmph. The comic strip that’s so weird absolutely nobody “gets it” (the paper here discontinued it a couple of months ago.

    I wouldn’t take anything he does very seriously.

  3. Oh, my goodness, the videos are so hilarious! I love Lio!(and Pearls Before Swine of course.) That’s really cool how comic strip creators are friends in real life.

  4. Don’t worry Stephan, everybody has their thing. “Join us next week where Stephan meets ex-president Bill Clinton!”

  5. Awesome. Tatulli for the win! Now I’m looking forward to the Pastis revenge on Tatulli.

  6. The voices sound so robotic, it makes what they’re saying all the more hilarious. I’m sorta glad they didn’t show you with your shirt off.

  7. The cartoons are hilarious because I feel like I’ve had those same conversations with creepy guys at bars more than once. Maybe I should start going to different bars…

  8. Revenge? Revenge is a dish best served cold. There’s food for thought. I say Stephan sicks Rat on Mark.

  9. Stephan, I want to see you with your shirt off. In fact, I’m taking mine off now.

  10. There were signs all along that Stephan was a stalker. Just ask Charles Shultz. Keep you shirt on buddy. LOL!!!

  11. I liked Judah Ben-Hur’s video best. Nobody wanted to take their shirts off.

  12. oh, that’s just wrong.
    I admit I did LMAO the first one or two. But after a while…wow…

    This is what your friends do? Good grief

  13. Reviews from the top critics:

    “…fun filled for the whole family….” “you’ll fall in love all over again”…..”…I laghed ’til I cried…” …”this summers CaddyShack!”…

  14. That is BRILLIANT…you pervert…or I guess that’s Mister Pervert!

  15. Ok mine messed up… so when you look at mine it will show something about dead babies… just scroll down and pick “Stephan Pastis vs. Mike Tatulli”

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