6 thoughts on “One Final Batch of Signed Books

  1. HA! I got mine yesterday at B&N. Thanks for not posting this yesterday otherwise they might not have called the people on the waiting list. Now I have my own personal Pig and Rat drawing (the Rat was adressed personally when I got to meet you at the Schulz Museum in November).

  2. OMG.. I just called Barns & Noble and they still had some books left!!!!!!!!! They said they had only gotten a few calls so far and most of those were from folks like me on the east coast… I cannot belive my luck… my son is a HUGH PBS fan and his B-day is coming up fast… this is just going to be the best b-day present ever!!!!! and best of all I got one with LGD in it!!! Too Sweet… Stephan you are the Best!!!! thank you!!!!

  3. When’s the next treasury coming out? That’s what I’m waiting for.

  4. Stephan you are my biggest hero!
    even if some people think your a zero.

    i read your blog all night long.
    then i wright a simple song.

    the song: la lalalalalalalalalalalala
    its time to read pearls befor swine!
    i think im gonna dine on some zebra!
    if i could only eata!
    help! some one save me!
    its gym sock nose guy!
    danny donkey! dont rob that mini mart!
    gard duck! dont use atomic fart!
    rat! pig! goat! all go lalalalalalalala!!!

    the end!

    p.s. i even think that was gay!

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