36 thoughts on “A Brief, Little Opinion

  1. You wanna see some BAAAADDDD clothing, check out the websites that have the really bad Olin Mills pictures. I think you can find them on the Ebaums World website.

  2. My best friend’s mom makes them do that. Luckily, even though I’m considered part of the family for everything else, I take the photo & therefore don’t have to dress like them! lol

  3. Hey Stephan, you can say that it shows the theoretical collapse of an ecosystem when a predator is introduced to a new environment, it was a message to the world to let the environment work itself out, and not meddle with the Earths natural ways

    Tree huggers like big words, and this will most likely satisfy them.

  4. Thank Gosh someone finally said that! It makes it worse when they’re obease and they where Christmas phots. 😛 Gross.

  5. Guess my husband and I will have to do a recreation of JFK & Jackie O in Dallas for our next holiday photo card instead. Pre-head shot, of course.

  6. @Jennifer — Your relatives will thank you…about the “pre-head shot” part, I mean.

  7. @Jennifer again —— on second thought, perhaps not; I have no idea what kind of relationship you have with them.

  8. God, I hate those pictures. And people who wear fanny packs and Crocs (the shoes, not the PBS characters). And sweatpants when they are not anywhere near a gym. Damn, I’m a frickin’ snob.

  9. Bonkers is putting it mildly – doesn’t matter whether the people are thin or fat. I don’t know which photos are worse – the Christmas ones or the ones at family reunions where everyone wears a red “I BELONG TO THE SMITHS” shirt. Or, God forbid, a Hawaiian shirt.

  10. Hey C.E.O., what? I think I’d agree with you if I had any idea what you are trying to say. Phots? Obease?

  11. Does this include the “we all dressed in white and had our photos taken on the beach?”….yeah, I guess it does….

  12. You ever watch Family Feud? Way too many families dressing identically on there. But you know, that and a family photo are a bit excusable in my book. Something that says “We’ve got to dress alike because people are going to see us on TV or see this photo when they come to our house or because we’re mailing it out to everyone for the holidays.” Maybe their a bit deranged, maybe there’s some old BS thing that says everyone must be dressed alike for this type of thing. Who knows, who cares.

    The thing that creeps me out are these families who I see out on the street taht dress alike and their clearly not going to get a family photo. I mean why! Do they really think it’s a wise idea? I saw one couple and all I could think was yuppie ville clones. They literally looked like some of the yuppies in some of the old movies from the ’80s in terms of dress. Only in this case it was like they had picked one particular movie yuppie and decided to all dress exactly like them. And they had the same basic haircut!!!! Felt sorry for the kids, the parents clearly had forced this upon them.

  13. Tell that to my brother’s family. Not only do they do the photos where they dress alike, they also send out the yearly Christmas letter.

  14. Our family got a “family portrait” done before I moved away. No one consulted anyone else on what to wear. 6 out of 7 of us were wearing some combination of red, white & blue. I was in gold. I decided I was the fringe on the flag. It’s a stupid series of pictures, but the hairstyles are hysterical. (It was the 70’s…)

  15. I think it’s OK on rare occasions like a big family reunion where everyone wears t-shirts, but never for family portraits.

  16. I fully agree! Even when I was a child and my mother thought it would be “cute” for us to have matching mother/daughter outfits I would tell her that I didn’t like them (well…I told her I didn’t like the child version of the adult one).

  17. You’re all just jealous you all don’t have the loving famillial relationship where this is considered normal. Get a life!

  18. C’MON. There is no need to look further for groups of people to mock save “The Family Circus.”

    Why don’t ANY comic strips authors/artists mock the REAL “America”?

    You are lazy and whining because you fear charges of racism, sexism or any-ism when you satirize them.

    I await anything you do, of course, but I would LOVE to see you create a satirical story line for characters from “The Lawrence Welk Show”, and give THEM the business for a series of books.

    Please do not tell the “other” to just take it until mainstream America does.

  19. My late best friend thought the same thing, so when the wife insisted on formal family portraits, he insisted that everyone pose with a raw potato in their hand…and since it was his paycheck paying for the picture, guess what?

  20. Hey Pastis, thank you for at least realizing it was Earth Day at all. I know a few people who went to school, didn’t read any of the “Happy Earth Day!” banners and walked up to me asking why everyone was wearing green. Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the mouth and laugh at them hysterically at the same time? Well of course you have, you’re Stephan Pastis. You’re like the God of that type of crap. On another eco-friendly but not you-friendly note, I designed an awesome reusable bag the other day. I would send you a poster, but sadly I know less about this technology stuff than my step mom. Sad huh?

    Oh, and to you people above talking about the family portraits, I thank the lord deeply that I don’t have to do those. No seriously, and I’m not religious.

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