Rat is an Ass, and Now He’s On One

The waterlogged, burned and ripped copy of the latest Pearls book, 50,000,000 Pearls Fans Can’t Be Wrong (plus, maybe one copy in slightly better condition) is on its way to this extraordinarily dedicated Pearls fan who will now have a Rat on her backside forever more.

She has clearly raised the bar on what it takes to win a waterlogged Pearls book, and more than any other Pearls fan, has best exemplified the meaning of giving a Rat’s ass.

Thus, I present the coolest Pearls tattoo to date.

So congrats to you, ye of the Rat-gilded rear…Please take good care of the little guy.

25 thoughts on “Rat is an Ass, and Now He’s On One

  1. I think she deserves a Tshirt or something too.

    After all, it must hurt to have a rat on your ass.

  2. Good thing it was a woman who got the tat. That would be quite scary to see Rat on some dude’s hairy ass.

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  4. ok, I’m not that into tatoos, but that is one I’d definitly get. Rat is my all-time favorite. 🙂

  5. In fifty years someone in a nursing home will ask, “What the hell is that?”
    Nobody will know.

  6. At the risk of sounding like a pervert, that’s one Rat i wouldn’t mind hanging out with. At first I thought it was some dude. But either way, wouldn’t mind hanging out with that Rat whether on a hot chick, dude, fat chick, w/e. Rat’s a cool guy.

  7. Ok something folks haven’t thought of, or at least haven’t thought to post it yet. Whose the bigger fan here, her for getting Rat tattoed on her butt or the tatoo artist for doing the tat extremely well? Sure Rat’s not going to be that hard to do, but they still did a fantastic job which makes me wonder how often they practiced doing Rat before she came in (considering some of the other Pearls tats we’ve, seen probably quite often). Unless, of course, the tat artist’s name was Stephan Pastis.

  8. I’m suitably impressed.

    Stephan, you know you’ve got it made when other people do this.

  9. I have two tattoos but would have to have this one removed. What on earth is up with Rat’s lips?? It would drive me crazy!!! Didn’t the artist show her a stencil before he started working on it? Did she approve those funky lips? Really?!?!

  10. Whoever the winner is who did that, My hats off to you!! 🙂 You are hard core :o). LOL! that was awesome. 🙂

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