Where The Trendy Things Go To Die

I’ve started fist-bumping people.

For those that don’t know, it’s that odd little gesture where you hold out your closed fist to someone and they bump it with their own closed fist.

I bring this up only to warn you that this trendy little gesture has now run its course.

How do I know that?

Because I’m doing it.

Please return to your standard high-five.

33 thoughts on “Where The Trendy Things Go To Die

  1. Well, something else that has been waay past expiry date: guys wearing pants that are several sizes too big for them so that their boxers are exposed. I went through elementary/highschool with guys doing that….and it surprises me that there are guys out there that are STILL doing that…

  2. I was always irritated that it became popular. Having played darts for a long time, we _always_ did that so as to not pierce our teammate’s hands when congratulating each other. You only high-five with darts in your hand once.

  3. This really started years ago in kitchens. It was a great little way for cooks to great each other in way that didn’t really require us to wash our hands immediately after. I’ve even seen variations where elbows are bumped when one of the two people has their hands up a chickens bum.
    The point being that Chefs are the coolest people in the world and we will tell you when this trend has run it’s course.

  4. What I do depends on who I’m with. Most people, I just shake hands, but if I’m with close friends I do one of those high five/handshake combos.

  5. handshakes are old fashion (not to mention germy)
    fist bumping has run it’s course.
    elbow bumping is awkward.
    So I suggest wrist bumping. Just slap the back of your wrist with the back of someone else’s. It kinda looks like you’re going to backhand them but then they block with their wrist. I hope it catches on.

  6. Wait, since when does you doing something make it automatically outdated?

    In my opionion, someone doing something only makes it outdated if they’re around 60 or so……

    ……Or if they’re my dad >_<

  7. I may be old fashioned, but the “fist bump” seems to be a flawed application of an interesting concept. Now “butt bumps” when greeting members of the opposite sex …that’s got potential!

  8. In the Caribbean (I live in Trinidad) you will be thought of as quite the cool guy if you greet someone with fist-bumps. We say “to give someone a ‘bounce'”.
    Done by all the bad-boy types!! lol So Stephan, you go right ahead and fist-bump all you want!

  9. I noticed that one hand is the left hand and one hand is the right. . . and it looks like the person whose eyes we are looking through is actually fist-bumping themselves.

  10. NONONO! Fist bumps are out of date. Nobody does that anymore. It’s a sideways hi-five, slide hand back, and THEN fist bump. Sheesh!

  11. Back in the 70s the “soul shake,” an interlocking hand-thumb slap was it. When I joined the Navy, the Brothers were into what was called then the “dap.” It was like a traditional handshake meets a soul shake meets the coolest breeze you ever slapped a hand on. A shake with an attitude. High-fives seem like exercise. A fist bump looks like a shake meant for arthritic old man like me. That’s why I just go with the flow. Know what I mean?

  12. No high fiving or bumping fists for me. Just hi, how are you and if you are a reader perhaps a lengthy discussion on what I’m reading, have read, or have plans to read.

  13. I would opt to start a head bumping thing. It would be one way to stop all this trendy crap in short order. Or maybe not…sigh..

  14. No, no, no, fist bumping will run it’s course when people finally realize how stupid and potentially hazardous to their health it really is. Course it’ll take a few more broken wrists and some more right hooks for that. Or maybe me doing it.

  15. The new thing is to stick your tongue out when you meet someone.
    Go ahead. Try it!

  16. So…. what about the fist bump and then the “blow it up” where you open up your fingers after the fist bump. LOL

  17. I hate the high-five – I’m quite short so the chance of a successful spontaneous high-five w/an average height or tall person is always an exercise in spastic buffoonery. The fist bump I can do (and not miss the “bumpee”) and look semi-cool. Note – I am never an instigator of the fist bump or high five . . . To be left hanging there? Oh the rejection and humiliation!

    @Bridgett – My nephew and I do the after bump explosion (w/sound effects) and also the octopus swimming away. We might get stares, but we think it’s funny. : )

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