And The Winner of the Very Damaged Book Is….

Thanks for all the great responses to the (damaged) book contest!…I read through all of them…

And though the judging was difficult, I’ve decided to award the book to Jennifer Leikness, who said simply, “…if you give it to me, I’ll get a tattoo of Rat on my ass.”

It’s hard to ignore that kind of dedication.

Photographic proof to follow.

15 thoughts on “And The Winner of the Very Damaged Book Is….

  1. Darn, I was actually thinking of submitting a reason. My reason was going to be “I’m working on getting a career in comic books, and your work has always been a huge inspiration to me. Also, you’re my hero.”

    For the record, I can honestly say that absolutely no part of that is a lie.

  2. “Photographic proof to follow”

    I think that I should get a book in good condition or I’m telling your wife that your getting pictures of naked women sent to you.

    (And no it’s not blackmail, it’s just a little trick that I learned from Rat)

  3. I will get three tats of rat on my ass if you give me the book. <– You can't argue with that sort of dedication.

  4. (note to self – instead of taking my old funny books to Goodwill, I will attempt to give them away in exchange for strange women to send me pics of their private parts. yeah…note to self on that….)

  5. I knew the book couldn’t do anything. Ah, the sweet satisfaction of being right…
    Seems oddly lacking this time.

  6. I have two extra seats to the U2 show in Philly. Section 105 row 7. If you reconsider, you can have them or if you want to go, let me know.

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