52 thoughts on “News Flash from Florida

  1. You ees ride in airbote? Dat reely cool. I ride een airbote once. Driver trow marshmellows to crocs. Crocs and gators LUV marshmellows! (hmmm, me ees hungry now, wher cheekin?)

  2. Really? When I went to the Everglades, the crocs I saw were eating bucket of chicken…

  3. ummmm… crocs don’t do much of anything in florida, its alligators that live here, not crocs. anywho, on that note, you should definitely have some alligators stowawy in your suitcase and appear in the strip. the way they are different from crocs = snouts are smaller.

  4. Did you know that South Florida is the only known place in the world where crocodiles and alligators cohabitate the same areas?

    You really need to incorporate some gators into Pearls…as evil croc cousins, as new neighbors who are better zeeba hunters, as friends who are even dumber than the crocs…

  5. They probably didn’t give their wives money to go and get them a KFC meal being so lazy and all.

  6. Actually real crocs DO carry buckets of KFC. Just not the fake ones the tourist board puts along the airboat routes. It’s nothing more then a glorified disney jungle cruise that does more harm then good.. Heck, there aren’t even any KFC’s or Zebras any where near the everglades, sheesh. So unrealistic I tell ya!

  7. please don’t ruin my perception of crocs and tell me they don’t want the zeeba still!!!!!!

  8. Well DUH,

    They have Popeye’s chicken down there and Popeye’s comes in a box.

  9. Whoa, the fact that crocs don’t actually eat KFC is a SHOCK to my self! But seriously, that fact is going to really kill my science essay.

  10. i grew up in fort lauderdale and i don’t know about crocs, but gators definitely drink beer. i poured several bottles into gaping gator mouths (horrible waste of beer, i know). they also lover big macs (can’t say about kfc)

  11. wee crocs no like eet wen u stoopeed peoples rueen us deener so wee hyd de cheekin from u so wee eet een preevacie

    wee also no lazee bout hunteen zeeba naybors so shut u mouf stefan

    u peoples hoo tink wee s stoopeed r moor stoopeederer

    a crocydyle een froleeda

  12. by de way dey allegotars een froleeda 2 evan een sum part of everglaids

    ees fress and sal watr so dey bot der

  13. Helloooo Comic Touris! You com in da watur wiz us and sweem. Touris tradishon! No insul us Flooorda natuves!

  14. If you think about it, it’s the only place in the United States where crocs and newts co-exist, too… Bob would fit right in…

    And I know that this is a stretch, but while you’re in the state, what better way to spend a night of your vacation than at a three dollar fundraiser on April 8th at 6pm at Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, with guys in drag performing in a mock-beauty pageant? Proceeds go to Lakewood’s Academy for Marine Science and Environmental Technology, which turns the students of today into the eco-friendly citizens of tomorrow whom may one day be called upon to answer the lamentable pleas of crocs (or newts) in need. Do it for the crocs (or newts)!

  15. You, shocked by that when you have Larry’s wife get upset about Larry’s failure to hunt his prey and then try passing off KFC as a succesful hunt? I kinda doubt that.

  16. It’s prejudice – KFC won’t SELL them the chicken. But if you were nice and went out and bought some for them, they would walk around eating it.

  17. Stephan Pastis is a dirty socialist. Just read his strips. Anybody who writes the stuff he does is a socialist. I mean come on, you can hardly understand it. Only socialist write stuff like that. What happened to good ole simple American comics like Skylock Fox and Gasoline Alley. Those were the days of American greatness. Look the end of America corresponds with Socialist comic writers. I read Stephan Pastisss’s Strip EVERYDAY! And it is Un-american and socialist! What a Scumbag.

    Oh and Stephan, how come you never went to Djibouti, Africa as part of the USO tour. We got great hollywood artist like Kal Penn, and James Cameron’s brother. But no Stephan Pastis. Ah well, I’ll still read your socialist strip everyday.

  18. Since you’re doing research on this trip, is it now tax deductible as a business expense?

    So, what’s next on the agenda, a trip to Disney? You might find that not all rats are misanthropes.

  19. I never assumed you were trying to draw realistically, considering you bagged on your art so many times in the books.

  20. Racovis, if you can’t follow a Pearls strip that doesn’t mean Stephan Pastis is a socialist. By the way, you should check into who it was that was one of the big influences on him and encouraged him to follow a dream of being a comic strip artist. Charles Schulz, the creator of one of the most beloved comic strips of all time.

  21. Rest assured that once you passed, they pulled out a bucket of the Colonels finest fried pieces.

  22. Steve, you’re a lawyer, right?!

    Here’s a joke:

    A man walked into a Florida bar with his alligator and asked the bartender:

    “Do you serve lawyers here?”


    “Good. One beer for me and a lawyer for my alligator.”

  23. Note to GuyinTheBack: Don’t call him Steve. I called him Steve once. Once.

  24. BUT They do go out for a booty call – Check out the newspaper online for Ft. Myers – http://news-press.com.

    Gator made FRONT page today. Looks like Lady Luck was not on Romeo’s side.

    Have to say when I read this 9′ gator walked across a busy highway, all I could think was your cartoon and two other gators hiding in the bushes watching him go on a dare.

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