30 thoughts on “Key West, Florida

  1. Are you on the couch in your underwear drinking beer? Did the doorbell ring? Did the people at the door say “Help save the planet”? *shot for lame Pearls reference*

  2. Stephan Patis,
    Huge props on your strip! I am a huge fan, and as a big fan of yours i thought what a great way to show those who dont have Pearls in their lives what they are missin out on…why not get a tattoo? So i am at a crossroads 1: i have picked out some drawings from your books that i could use. or 2: it would be great if you might be able to draw me a few characters. I was planning to get the work done when i come home on R&R on Apr29th. This would be most awsome if you could help me out. If not I love your work anyways and thanks for your time

    Spc. Noah Olivares
    U.S. Army
    Nasir Wa Salem, Iraq
    Viva The Ratvolution

  3. Just remember what happened last time you left your strip unattended…is that scratching I hear…

  4. Nice. I love that place. Go on New Year’s Eve and watch the drag queen get dropped.

  5. @A Amazing Zebra: You’ve got to really work at it to be “first” around here.

  6. you dirty dog you! I say stop drinking but its non of my business. Also I have a question (if you could e-mail me ajgravedigger13@aol.com) why dont you make bigger strips? You can look at Hagar the Horrible and he almost takes half the page of comics! You need to make your’s bigger better (as if that’s possible) and looooonger!

  7. It seems your fan are well versed. Diverse and perverse maybe even in reverse.

  8. Well, can see by the recent series that you’ve been drinking a bit too much.

  9. you is like have the best strip in da world. me luv you man. you is not stupeed luzer. you rock my pants off

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