Tattoo You

Just got this photo from a Pearls reader who got a tattoo of Danny Donkey.

I don’t know why, but I always feel strangely bonded with anyone who is willing to put one of my characters on their body for life.

Like if I ever see them in a bar, I have to buy them a beer.

Speaking of which, do any of you know any great bars I should go to while in Miami or Key West?  Price is no object, as I’ll be making my buddy Emilio pay for all the rounds.


Just got this photo of a Rat-as-the-devil tattoo…This is an image from the very first year of the strip….Shows how much Rat has changed.


And two more, one of Pig and one of Guard Duck:

46 thoughts on “Tattoo You

  1. I highly recommend Schooner Wharf. It’s in the marina area just north of Duval St. in Key West. Also, The Bull on Duval is pretty Key West kewl. But, the question is somewhat meaningless. Duval St. is lined with bars and the correct thing to do is hit every bar on one side, then get on your knees and “Duval Crawl” across the street to do the bars on the other side.

    Have fun!!!

    A P.B.S. fan from St. Petersburg, FL

  2. Your blog is too funny! This has inspired me to get a tattoo of pig, or maybe Larry 🙂

  3. Classic ‘tourist’ bars are Clevelander in South Beach and Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. Gotta go at least once in your life

  4. When are you gonna be in Miami cause I’m going down there like April 5 or something and I was just wondering if I’d even have a chance to run into you (hunt you down).

  5. Key West; been going there since I was a small child. Sloppy Joe’s, the Bull, Hog’s Breath Saloon (Hog’s breath is better than no breath at all), and of course Margaritaville if you’re any kind of Jimmy Buffett fan. Oh, and 801 Bourbon if you like guys in drag. 🙂

  6. My wife was pregnant when we were there so not much bar hopping, but we had great meals at Seven Fish (clever t-shirt graphic also) and El Siboney (which our Seven Fish waiter recommended). By the way, I’m reading Nevin Martel’s book “Looking for Calvin and Hobbes” and it was fun to see your quote on the back cover (above Breathed no less).

  7. Key West: start at one end of Duval, aim to get to the other, stop into every bar along the way, tip the bartenders extra because they forget to charge you for drinks, try conch fritters, buy a piece of art from some Jimmy Buffett-looking guy on the sidewalk for $15, and when you get to that Southernmost Point marker, don’t wait in line like a virgin tourist: snap a self portrait of your sweaty ass around the backside of it for documentation and then go somewhere else. If my wife would take a nursing job there, I’d be all set. As it is, we’re in Asheville, which is full of enough weirdos to placate me.

  8. I wonder what Keane would buy for someone with a Family Circus tat? Forget it, no one this side of hell would do that.

  9. Being pale and outta shape mid-western tourists, me and my buddies always cool down at Wet Willies on Ocean Drive after gawking on South Beach all afternoon. Their frozen slushies will sneak up on you and just hammer ya! Try the Call-a-Cab, their signature drink, up-size to the large, and you’ll be drawing Rat tats on South Beach super models in no time!

  10. Yes, across the street from the front entrance of The Red Garter on Duval St. in Key West! There is also a killer tattoo parlor next door! My Reserve unit does water airborne operations (parachute jumps into the water) down there at Key West. We are a Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne) out of South Carolina. I met you here in Iraq, and, if I ever get a chance to meet you in the States, I’m buying YOU a drink for your support of the troops! I love your strip! *the comic! I don’t fancy seeing dudes strip, being a dude myself! LOL*

  11. For Key West, I’m partial to Capt. Tony’s or the upstairs of the Rum Barrel. And like Jon said, Hog’s breath is better than no breath at all.

  12. Crap…how could I forget the Green Parrot, at the beginning/end of A1A? What can I say, I like where the locals hang.

  13. I second TBone’s Key West recommendation – why choose one bar, when they are conveniently located enough that you can visit them all?

  14. From a historical adventure, go to Capt Tony’s saloon ( Key West ). Not only did Jimmy Buffet use to hang out there but so did Ernest Hemmingway. Capt Tony himself passed away a couple of years ago, but lots of cool pictures on the walls.

  15. I have your drawing of Grimacing Goat (the one that made the girl in the coffee shop change tables) on my cube wall. Does that mean you’ll buy me a coffee when you see me?

  16. The Green Parrot in Key West is a great little bar. Sloppy Joes has live music and is really fun, plus they have a webcam so Staci can check up on you ;)If you really want a different experience check out the Garden of Eden; it’s interesting to say the least!!

    I highly suggest going to Blue Heaven one morning for breakfast. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is wonderful. Also, if you like cuban food go to El Siboney…so yummy!

  17. Schooner Wharf is the best bar I found in Key West. Sloppy Joe’s is just a tourist haunt and isn’t even where Hemingway hung out. For that you need to go to Captain Tony’s, which was the original Sloppy Joe’s. For some real good Cuban food order, in advance, the paella at El Siboney’s and get the sangria. It is so good you could drink it like soda pop, which probably isn’t a good idea. BTW, get a bicycle while there and avoid the DUI ticket.

    As for bars on Duval street, you should stay away from most of them. Duval street is just one long line of t-shirt shops and tourist bars. Schooner Wharf gives you a better feel of old Key West.

    Oh yeah, conch fritters at El Meson De Pepe’s down by Sunset Pier. They are great, but I’m sure you could come up with a excellent blog entry about eating giant snail minced into cornbread.

  18. I like the combo of Nibbler from Futurama and Pig on that one tattoo. Bet Pig never imagined he’s be playing jacks with a higher life form from the year 3000.

  19. Can crocs be Eunuchs? You have GOT to make this one a series, seriously! I want to see Bob’s reaction when he find’s out what’s going to happen. And then to see him get neutered and get picked on by the the rest of Crocs. Of course the good thing, no getting it in the oompa loompas.

  20. Pig playing jacks with Nibbler from “Futurama”? Looks like an appetizer for Nibbler.

  21. I must say I really liked today’s strip. “Newtered,” heh.

    Our newspaper just started carrying the strip a few months ago here in Alaska, and I am glad to see it on the comics page each morning!

  22. As a Key West local, I would suggest you meander. Cruise along and try out whatever suits your fancy (or your thirst). If you want to hang with the locals and listen to great music, head to The Green Parrot on Whitehead and Southard. For great jazz and it’s Virgilio’s. For food, Blue Heaven is the best for breakfast, Alonzo’s is the best seafood for happy hour. And of course if you have a giant-cookie-craving, Matthissen’s is the only place to be. Stay away from The Bull, especially the 3rd floor. Whatever you do, just do whatever you want – that’s what Key West is about. You’ll definitely leave with stories. Have fun!

  23. So, is Danny Donkey on somebody’s arm or is he nestle between two breasts? It’s hard to tell on the close shot.

  24. I like the one with devil rat and the one with Pig and Nibbler from “Futurama” cos it’s just kinda random

  25. Hi. I know this is off-topic to the subject of this post, but I wanted to complain about your most recent storyline, and I figured you’d see what I have to say here.

    The “Bob gets ‘Newtered'” storyline is horribly offensive — to men, to women, to transsexuals, and hell, to people who’ve been sterilized. Do you really not see how fucking stupid it is to write a story about a male who is castrated and starts acting like a woman? I thought you were better than this, Stephan.

  26. Dear Blue,

    Which aren’t you seeing?
    1. Danny’s ears are level with an elbow.
    2. Danny’s feet are about an inch above the crease line in the red dress formed by pert breasts?

  27. Hey Stephan,

    I wish we could be BFFs, but I’m too much of a wuss to get a tattoo. Do temporary ones count? What about marker?

    By far your coolest fan,

  28. Thank you so much for continuing the Bob gets newtered series, it has been hilarious. I feel truly sorry for guys who can’t laugh at this one. It’s something that most guys don’t want to happen to them and yet we’re willing to do it to our pets?

    Come on guys, you know you make jokes whenever you take one to the crotch about speaking like mickey mouse for the rest of your life (in my case it’s “time to join the Vienna boy’s choir” jokes of late). The storyline is the very thing we like to joke about, let’s not kid ourselves.

  29. Stephan,
    I lived in South Beach for a couple of years and a few unpretentious bars that are great are Jake’s on Lincoln rd, Lost Weekend, Teds and the infamous Duece where you will see everything from people in tuxes to midget cross dressers. Enjoy!

    Pete Papadopoulos

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