12 thoughts on “A Video Look At How I Write My Strip

  1. That’s just like how the folks in Washington come up with all their hilarity and hijinx!

  2. This remind me of Jeremy Duncan from Zits. (the contortions you put your body through) I try to wrap my mind around your ability to parent kids but then the migraines come. Your wife has to be a saint!!!

  3. SO funny! I want Stephan Pastis’ job when I’m older! He needs to drink 4 beers before he thinks anything is funny! Hahahahaha!

    P.S. This video (below) is hilarious!

  4. BEST way to do WORK EVER!!!!!!

    So in other words..to be the greatest artist and story teller in the world..you need beer…and lots of it???

    Do you do training classes? If so I want to be the first to sign up 😀

    Best Video EVER 😀

  5. This video looks like a prequel to an episode of “Cops”. The cops will soon arrive interviewing Staci out front smoking a cigarette in a trashy tube top. Next an officer heads inside snapping a pair of rubber gloves muttering about cavity searches. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad boys…

  6. What I want to know is simply this: is that really the process you go through when writing this stuff, Stephan?

    Because if so, I have to remember this for future reference…..

    Well, minus the getting drunk part that is >_>

  7. As if Pearls wasn’t great enough, Stephan drinks Full Sail, another favorite of mine, while writing! (No wonder it’s genius! Ha!) I will now always believe that Rat is enjoying a nice Oregon-y Full Sail whenever he has a beer in hand! Awesome yo!

  8. First Blog I have ever bothered to comment on. Love your cynical nature and I consider your strip the best on the comic pages. I would love to see the ones you think are too dark to publish. They probably are too extreme for the average person, but the truth is the state of the world is dark and needs to be laughed at. The Cinderella story is priceless and somewhat indicative of why I, nor my children, would ever step into the magic Kingdom. Apparently the only thing magical is how fast they make your money disappear. Thanks for the laughs.

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