13 thoughts on “What Do You Do The Week After You Make Fun of William Faulkner

  1. Why do I get the feeling you’re pulling a fast one here. Although you may need to invest in the future with your daughter. She’s cute now (at least what can be told from the back) and in a few years you may need a gun to handle the boys who’ll be coming around. And I can just picture you being the sterotypical father who meets his daughter’s date or boyfriend at the front door and shows him his gun. Better yet, get videos of you shooting a gun that shows you hitting something the size of a penny from twenty yards. You know, something really small and difficult to hit and you can hit it on a regular basis (through the magic of editing of course). Make the little punk scared of what you could do to them if they touch your daughter and fail to have her back exactly at the time you tell them.

  2. @ knight1192a, the way of fending off a daughter’s boyfriend was demonstrated to my by a friend of mine. I was visiting there the night of his daughter’s prom. He and I were at the table goofing around with his guns that just happened to need cleaning that night. The young man sits down at the table while the daughter is freshening up before they leave. We’re all being friendly-like when unannounced, my buddy pulls a 3-pack of Trojans out of his pocket and throws it across the table to the kid. The kid’s mouth opened up but he was speechless. My buddy Mark quipped, “Hey don’t think I’m doing this for my daughter – I’m doing it for YOUR sake. You have no idea who my daughter has been with.” When the young man returned the daughter home later that night, he gave the unopened 3-pack back to Mark. I thought it was genius.

  3. yep, I remember my parents draggin’ me to all kinds of boring, real-worldy, walkin’ around outside all the damn time places when I was a pup. sure, it sucks at the time (and probably for a while longer afterwords), but I give ’em credit for trying, or at least pretending, to care about such things, so I’m a bit less likely to toss ’em into a 3rd rate nursing home once they’re too old to be bothered with. best bet is probably to walk it off & carry a flask wherever possible, it might be worth it in the long run…

  4. I have an iPod Touch, and I want to see these videos. Can you also upload to YouTube? Thanks… Love the blog!

  5. “Can we go home now? – hey, that’s my line. I like driving past places like that but think it’s boring to get out, walk around and do the house tours. I loved when you decided to lay down in the road. LOL!!!

  6. Jack is the _man_. Don’t diss, or we’ll send Buck, White Fang, and the Sea Wolf after you.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a HUGE fan of Old Webhead/Spidey/Spider-Man and I am incredibly happy to see him on today’s comic. Seriously, I love it. PLEASE do more!! I love your comic strip. Here’s my opinion of it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 By the way, sorry if you hate emoticons like Rat does.

  8. I went to Sonoma country recently for family trip. Looks like yours was more eventful than mine. Beautiful place… just… none of us even liked wine.

    Also you should totally do an event at UC Davis. I mean it used to be part of UC Berkeley, right?

  9. Either that’s a great deternet, Dan, or it’s a bad sign. Could mean they didn’t bother using any protection or he already had some in his wallet. Still, every suggestion could be of use to Stephan in a few short years.

  10. Jack London’s cool. He wrote The Scarlet Plague, one of the first apocalyptic plague novels ever.

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