When You Complain About Pearls, You Just Might Get a Musical Response

All cartoonists get complaints.  I probably get a few more than most simply because my strip is considered “edgy.”  That’s a joke to me because compared to what’s out there, I feel about as edgy as Captain Kangaroo.

In any event, although I rarely respond to these complaints, I did to this one.  And in a musical fashion, no less.  It is my singing and guitar-playing debut.  And when I say guitar-playing, I mean that last month I taught myself three chords.

So have a look by clicking HERE.

Oh, and once you’re there (if you’re already a member of Facebook), please click the “Become a Fan” little thingie, because then my fan count goes up and it makes me feel very warm inside.

25 thoughts on “When You Complain About Pearls, You Just Might Get a Musical Response

  1. Too bad I won’t become a fan of yours on Facebook.
    I couldn’t get into it when I had one, and I won’t start another just to be a fan of you!

    (I have personal qualms about Facebook, it’s not you.)

  2. I was going to become a fan, but I’m concerned about your spontaneous combustion…

  3. Steph, you really need to be on Twitter. Twitter pwns facebook. If not you, then definately Rat. If not Rat, then Li’l Guard Duck.

  4. You know something, I hate spunk. Good thing you don’t have it.

    Thanks for the three-chord salad. Hope it don’t make me f**t!

    What?! Hope it don’t make me faint! Yeah, faint. (Oh, faint has five letters.) ~grin~

  5. Oh Stephan, you look so handsome and I love your outfit. (Paula Abdul)

    I love the way you put your heart into it. But I think you should have picked a different song. (Kara)

    Yo dog, it’s not gonna happen man. (Randy Jackson)

    That was bloody horrific. (Simon Cowell)

  6. Somehow, the fact that I might get a musical response makes me want to complain about Pearls A LOT. (There just isn’t enough free entertainment in the world and I need something to fill up my time.)

  7. First: Mary from Helena obviously doesn’t recognize comic genius and probably thinks Mary Worth is “edgy”.

    Second: If you don’t like what’s on TV, change the channel. If you don’t like the potholes in the road, take a different one. But if you don’t like the comic strip in the paper, then I think you have to complain but for every complaint you must go out and buy “The Crass Menagerie” because the sadness that Stephen feels can only be wiped away with gobs and gobs of money.

  8. I can only wonder why you have not yet been drafted into the band, Rock Bottom Remainders. I would send that clip to Dave Barry and ask to be admitted.

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  10. What I always liked about newspaper comic strips is the variety of them and the different styles of humor they have. Pearls just helps add to that variety with its unique “edgy”-ness.

    Its complaints like that lady’s makes me wonder if those people really have nothing better to do. If people don’t like your strip they should just go back to reading Family Circus or any of the other strips, as there are plenty of others to choose from out there. Who says they are only limited to reading yours?

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