Save the Zebras! (And Improve Your Love Life)

You may have seen this story this morning.

The headline says it all:

Kenya rounds up zebras for starving lions

Yes, the country of Kenya says its lions are starving.  So they’re herding up zebras to feed to the lions.  That is going to ruin many a zebra Valentine’s Day.

Little did I know the message on my Valentine’s Day crocodile would be so prophetic:

Not to mention the message carried by Rat:

Then there’s poor Zebra, begging for peace in light of Kenya’s decision:

And angelic Cupid Pig, hoping to spread the love:

So if you want to help the poor zebras of Kenya, just go HERE or HERE and buy one of these fine Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone in your life.

And how will that help the zebras of Kenya?   I’ll tell you.

For each plush you buy, I will think about doing something to help the zebras of Kenya.

So do the right thing this Valentine’s Day and buy these Pearls plush.

You’ll be helping your love life.  And more importantly…

You’ll be helping me.

31 thoughts on “Save the Zebras! (And Improve Your Love Life)

  1. I want finger puppets. And entire hand full. Maybe even both hands.

    Pig … Rat … Zebra … Crocodile … Crocodile … Crocodile … Duck …

    Yep. Both hands.

  2. Why not feed them with gnu’s? Aren’t there more gnus than zeebas? You could be able to get a good “Who’s on first?” repartee going with “What’s gnu?” in the croc group. Maybe it’ll spread throughout the characters.

  3. Never before has Valentine’s Day seemed so important or relevant. For this, I thank you, Stephan.

  4. I don’t think it will get here in time, but I must have the cupid pig.

    Did you make Pig the cupid because he’s so sweet…or because cupid rhymes with stupid? One never knows with you…

  5. Yes, I’ll really “think” about getting a Pearls plushy thing.
    Okay, that’s enough.

  6. while we’re on the subject of plush requests… I need more crocs!!! Eetazeeb corp crocs, ZZE crocs, MORE CROCS!!!

    ::happy sigh::

    oh! and an unrelated request: can we have more strips added to cafe press? The whole “letters to pigita” series makes me squeal with glee.

  7. Very cute!

    You should have had one of Goat with bug eyes and the heart “Awkward Love” or something. Hehe

  8. I don’t know, but some insane part of me actually wants to move to Kenya — I have wanted to for a while. To help the big kitties, we must feed them zebras. Also give some to the crocs.

  9. Stephan, you are one sentimental guy, ready to give to others or more accurately ready to have others give to you. Love the plush toys.

  10. Shouldnt PIG come with a dead body, since thats what he was wearing when he commited his first murder?

  11. and by not buying a plush I am showing my support for the lions of kenya. (a croc somewhere has a tear run down his cheek)

  12. “Love Bites” is an inside joke between my and my girlfriend so I have to get her rat. But I do like the crocodile one best!

  13. Dude! Their should be a progam for the Kenyans to feed the Zebras to the crocs! You’re telling me Rat or the evil cat won’t pull this scam? And the fraterity of crocs wouldn’t fund it?

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