Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say Saints gonna win Super Bowl back in his book introduction in 2006?

Four years ago, in February, 2006, I wrote an introduction for my treasury, “Lions and Tigers and Crocs, Oh My”, in which I discussed my inability to predict whether a given strip I write will be liked or not.  I added, “I could better predict the winner of the 2010 Super Bowl than I could the funniness factor of an unpublished Pearls strip.”

And then I added a footnote.  I’ll let you look at it yourself.   It’s at the bottom of the page.

I suppose there are a whole host of possible explanations for why I was able to predict what I predicted, from dumb luck to my knowledge of the game.  I prefer this one:

I’m a prophet.

So way to go, Saints.

I was with you all the way.

76 thoughts on “Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say Saints gonna win Super Bowl back in his book introduction in 2006?

  1. Ugh! If only I had bought your book. OK, O Wise One, let me know when you get a good vibe about the Niners.

  2. It’s really too bad that, you know, people own your book and can look at this page. 🙂

  3. I love those crocs – make me laugh, laugh. Who says zebras aren’t intelligent – caustic and cynical, but bright.

  4. I think my copy of LTC is one of those expensive collector’s copies, because mine says the Colts instead of the Saints…I wonder how much it’ll go for on Ebay?

  5. Ummm Okaaaaaaay.

    Say, the next time you predict a Super Bowl winner, if you could just pick an
    AFC team again, and if that team ends up playing my favorite Chicago Bears, I’ll feel more confident. I’ll even go along with the story that you picked the Bears, and send you half of what I earn betting in Vegas.

    Of course, I don’t actually bet on games in Vegas.

  6. Well done, Pastis.

    Also, wonderful Sunday strip. I’m sorry for your family’s loss, but what a lovely tribute to someone who must have been a great man.

  7. Stephan the Greek… Hmm. Wonder if the original used the same shameless cut and paste tactics?

  8. Ahhh, the wonderful beauty of PhotoShop (or whatever editing program it was you used). 😛 We all know it said Colts, you brat! 😛 😛

    Nice Sunday Pearls strip yesterday, big hugs to you.

  9. are you sure you are’nt related to Plato, the greek prophet dude who wrote about atlantis? he was wrong too in case you were wondering.

  10. hahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahhahaha catches breath..


    Ok with that said..Guard Ducky for Prez…

    Thank you for the great words of wizdom 😀

  11. Hmmmm. So the non-prophet tries saving his reputation as a prophet by deleting the original claim of the Colts winning and putting in the Saints. You sir, as Rat would say, are a loser. And a loser of the worst kind. Hang your head in shame for this attempt at deception.

  12. it’s me, Zarion. I am shocked that you would change the title and edit the footnote that way. I must have a rare cop yof the book, because mine is different. I’ll keep reading your blog!
    Zarion Kreena

  13. It was all a conspiracy brought about by Ziggy to stop us shouting at him to wear some pants!!!!

  14. Dear Mr. Pastis,

    Seeing as how you seem to have the only copy of the book that names the Saints as the winners in existence, I was just wondering how much that would be worth at auction HaHaHa

    Love the strip, man.

    You obviously HATE it when you are wrong!

  16. As a Classics major, I am compelled to agree with the Romans: the Greeks can’t be trusted.

    At least you haven’t tried to offer me a giant wooden horse.

  17. Reminds me of 1984. He who controls the past controls the future…and this is a prime example of both.

  18. Hey Stephan,

    Quick question. In the video no rest for the wicked by cage the elephant there is a small part in the video where a cop is looking at the lead singer.

    On closer inspection that cop looks very much like you. Without the cigarette.

    Just curious is all.

    Guard ducky fan for life,


  19. I’m pretty sure mine says that because I do remember reading about giving you half the share of the money if we went to Vegas and made a bet.

  20. Hmmmm…..First it said Colts, now it says Saints….
    I ACTUALLY looked in my book and you picked the Los Angeles Rams!!!!
    Guess it was worth a shot…..


  21. Damn you, Pastis. I DID go to Vegas and I DID bet on your prediction…and now I come back here and find I somehow mis-read it. Very mysterious.

  22. I see why you didn’t email me back; you’re blogging now. Oh, well. I reiterate my dismay that you guest-starred in a garbage strip such as “Lola”, which is exceeded only by my dismay thay my local birdcage-liner carries that and not your strip. I do plan to email an editor and bitch about that.

  23. Stephan, have been amazed and amused by your strip since I first started reading it in Orlando Sentinel. Especially felt Sunday’s strip concerning your father-in-law. Pig is the “emotion chip” and often star of the strip and it was especially fitting that he was the source of comfort. Don’t know how much of you is in the strip, but it makes you seem like someone to sit with at the mall and make fun of everyone! (it is best to be less than perfect to be able to enjoy this activity)
    Looking forward to each strip,

  24. You must be a politician at heart…If history doesn’t fit your views, just change history…

  25. Don’t Change the past ala Orwell, just say that you transposed numbers while typing, and meant to say that the Colts would win the 2100 Super Bowl.

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  27. Good thing you were right *cough*cough* cause in olden days we would stone prophets that were wrong.

    Or… are you a profit?

  28. Hey man,

    just wanted to drop you a note about how nice Sunday’s comic was. No joke, it was touching.

  29. I suppose that you could claim that since this was the superbowl for the 2009 football season, you still have one year to get this prediction right.

  30. LMAO! I can see some people here did not read the original blog, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared. hmmm. . .

  31. My book says the Chicago Cubs will win the world series. I can’t put my finger on it but something seems fishy….

  32. lol that was me who sent him that email about it. Never thought it would end up on his blog.

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