Do You Do This Too?

The top of a Kleenex box is perforated.  You have to punch out the perforated part to get to the Kleenex.

When I do it, I form my hand so that it looks like the head of a snake and strike at it like I’m killing a mongoose.

I can’t be the only one.

48 thoughts on “Do You Do This Too?

  1. Ok, so I’ve never done it before… but it’ll make it much more interesting in the future. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yes! I punch out the top part exactly like that! I have not thought of it as a snake killing a mongoose before, but I most definitely will now 🙂

  3. Woo Hoo!! I’m not the only weirdo…I mean, person who does that!

    ps: way to wrap up the 4 story lines Stephan…nicely done!!

  4. I just had to open a box of Kleenex to see. And I do. Bet you open Coke 12 packs that way, too.

  5. Actually, I attack the box with my Gerber Mark II commando knife. So you see, you’re much more sane than you thought.

  6. Anyone who _doesn’t_ do it this way is a Communist. In fact this is how the Army detected Red Infiltrators during the Cold War.

  7. I get two boxes of kleenexes and bash them against one another, making them “fight” until one bursts open and bleeds tissue-y goodness all over my floor.

    My shrink won’t talk to me anymore.

  8. No I don’t do it that way. Rather I grab an actual snake, hold its mouth open and use it’s fangs to open the tissue box. makes life more interesting. it’s the little things…. the little things stephen.

  9. For sure, you’ll not be the only one from now on 😀 I’m gonna try this out today!

  10. So many times…But what’s worse is getting the tissue stuck in, and having to pull like 20 out.

  11. I’m still chuckling(lmao)over the gone with the wind parody. It’s an old joke but write this on a piece of paper and get someone to read it out loud. I am we Todd did. I am so we Todd did. Iam Sofa King we Todd did. My Dixie Wrecked. Thougth you might be able to see the humor in it.

  12. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Another convoluted four-part storyline conclusion!!! Zarion likes this. Why is ZArion speaking in the third person? Well, it usually happens when I am extremely excited. So, THANK YOU!!! Also, read my blog.
    Zarion Kreena.

  13. While we are on this topic, how about the tubes of dinner rolls that you get to slam on the counter to open. Do you think of tem as dynamite as you bask then roll on the edge of the counter like I do?

  14. You’re awesome, Stephan. Everything you do is awesome. “I form my hand so that it looks like the head of a snake,” just too awesome.

  15. I like ripping the intestines out first and then skinning it while it’s heart is still beating in my hand…….




  16. You know, the mongoose usually wins when it goes up against the snake. Does Staci have stock in Johnson and Johnson cause it sounds like you get a lot of cuts from the vicious tissue boxes.

  17. I rip out the bottom of the box to confuse my wife. Her anger is a sign of her love for me. I’m convinced.

  18. It’s a great thing to be able to integrate those brief moments of the fabulous into our daily lives. While I was never conscious of the snake resemblance until now (& the snake does go after the mongoose,too!), I’ve always liked that little moment of tactile violence, either alternating between a whole-handed poke-out or a single-fingered poke-out (slower, yeah, but more pokes!) BTW, I also totally loved the terrifically choreographed mahem (pardon the contradiction in terms) of the four in one ending. Love it! With my new Android format phone I can access & save strips on the fly. I have the square of Snuffles hovering, “purr, purr, purr,” (ha!-you’ve owned cats, right?) with the grenade pin out, LGD running, & Pig yelling “Bad Kitty!” as my new wallpaper. Priceless!!

  19. Real men don’t use kleenex, they use their sleve. That or the ephermal ‘air hankey’.

  20. No, but I calmly wave my right hand in Jedi fashion right before I step on the spot that opens the automatic doors at grocery and department stores.

  21. You are not alone on that one. But sometimes, I like to switch it up with a karate chop or five finger death punch (not the band, the actual strike). I think I will stick with the snake strike, seeing as how that is less damaging to the box.

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