We Pause for This Commercial from “Head and Shoulders” Shampoo

More honeymoon stories to come.

But in the meantime, I recently spoke at an event in Walnut Creek, California with fellow cartoonist Darrin Bell (“Candorville”).  As it turns out, the event was videotaped.

I’ve had it suggested to me that the videotape would make a great drinking game, where people watching could drink beer every time I scratched the back of my head.  But that’s a bad idea, because you’d pass out before the end of the video and miss even more of my head scratching.

Click HERE for the headscratchapalooza.

16 thoughts on “We Pause for This Commercial from “Head and Shoulders” Shampoo

  1. I once had a video taken shortly after we’d been hiking in an area in long grass… tick-filled grass. I hate ticks and am paranoid about finding one.

    You can imagine what that video looked like!

    (I also hate the sound of my voice heard from outside. Another reason to avoid vids.)

  2. hahahahaha! very nice! I don’t think you did badly at all! and they featured one of my favorites, the “free At-lass” one! nice! but we all await more honeymoon stories. . . .

  3. my brother passed away 3 months ago and he loved pearls before swine. The strip that got him into it was with the crocs on the side of the road and they see road kill and one said to the other “god must love us” or something…then they get hit by a car. the funny thing about that strip to him was the “x” in the eyes.

    It still is very hard for me cuz he’s not here. And I was wondering if you ever consider requests?

    3 years ago he was diagnoied with type 2 diabetes and lost 300 pounds by exercising and eating right (no surgery), and actually became a personal trainer. he passed away swimming in a lake training for a tri-alathon. The guy went from 550 pounds to 250 and was training for a tri-alathon.

    I’m sure he’d love to be killed in your strip. Orignially i was thinking a croc pretending to be a log and drowning in a kiddy pool but I think you covered that in one of your books.

    So, what I was thinking that maybe you didnt cover is the cousin “Eugene” (his middle name he hated) snuck into the zeeba’s house to pretend to be a log in the bathtub. Of course he drowns before the zeeba gets there. the punchline being zeeba calls the crocs and (insert punch line).

    Even if you hate this idea, killing off a “eugene” would make him honored if there is anything in the afterlife. His first name is Steven, which is too close to yours to consider, and last name is “ayres” which isn’t a croc name

  4. Hey there,

    I have a question: What did/does your old law firm and/or past clients think of you highly publicizing the fact that you absolutely detested being a lawyer? I think I might have mixed feelings had you represented me at one point and I later found out that deep down were wishing you could have poked my eyes out with a fork instead of working for me. Has anyone ever said anything to you?

  5. Absolutely loved the video! I love getting to know about the cartoonist of one of my favorite strips. Like backstories…ie the special features attached to a DVD movie so you can hear the director explain what they’re doing or what the actor thinks or feels. Love it! It adds dimension when I read the strip and I don’t think anymore…hmmm….the crocs are on this week and then it’s Rat and Pig…hmmm….

  6. “Fans of the comics pages were entertained by StephanPatis”. I know you are famous in your own mind, but typically when you start going by one name, you don’t do it by combining both names. For instance, Cher, not CherBono. 🙂

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