54 thoughts on “VICTORY

  1. I will always remember where I was when I heard the news on this historic bed. Power to the pants!

  2. So few people can say that they truly made an impact in this world, that their actions completely changed things for the better. You sir, have entered into this realm, and the world and I thank you for it.

    Now if we can just get Ziggy to start being funny….

  3. I can’t wait until Pearls has been around for 40 years and some young whippersnapper derides your work. Sure Ziggy sucks but he’s got staying power. In the end he’ll outlast you Pastis. Buck naked with his Ziggy roll hanging out doing unspeakable deeds to Pigita.

  4. Your family must be so proud! Now that run for the governorship is within your grasp! This is the real change that we need. And I live in OR, so I really don’t care…:)

  5. But have you noticed that the pants Ziggy is wearing today are not the pants that the cleaners gave him yesterday? The pants from the cleaners were green, and the pants he is wearing are blue(ish). Makes me think the little guy could have been wearing pants all along but chose not to. That makes him some sort of perv, doesn’t it?

  6. Thanks for promoting ‘Ziggy’, a comic I haven’t felt compelled to seek out in over 25 years…and won’t for another 25.

  7. This is an event that should be logged into the history books!!! A story to be put up on a pedestal that reaches the stars!!! THIS……IS…….TRIUMPH!!!!!

  8. I agree with Vader it seems he has more than one pair of pants? It’s a conspiracy of the highest order 🙂

  9. Oh. My. Gosh.
    That’s unbelievable.
    And he didn’t even mention the pants.
    How long will they stay?

  10. Great job! Although… up to this point there’s always been the possibility of denying Ziggy’s pants-less-ness by claiming that it’s just poor artwork or coloring. This picture makes it impossible to sustain that belief… it is now confirmed that, all those years, Ziggy was indeed half-naked.


  11. Next Rat should protest something else. Something big. Something REALLY big. Next, Rat should demand food for the hungry, or peace in the Middle East. Or something even more important than that, even…. because now the power’s gone to his head… surely Rat will think he owns the world now that he has shaken Ziggy out of his seminudist ways!

  12. WHY, oh, WHY is this not the lead story on Stephanopoulos’ show on ABC? or CNN? or What Not To Wear?

  13. Pardon the double post, but I just noticed Ziggy’s also wearing shoes. Has he been shoeless as well as pantsless all these years?

  14. Chris – your question “how long will they stay?” has been answered. No pants today, and he’s standing in the snow barefoot!

  15. So someone was dyslexic – you saw 16 but Tom wrote 19.

    Or vice versa.

    Congratulations. You humiliated a dwarf into wearing pants.

  16. I wept with happiness when I saw him with pants on yesterday. A rat *can* make a difference in this crazy, mixed-up world!

  17. oh man it’s 12/21/09 and once again Ziggy HAS PANTS! Success!!!! Or at least it’s cool none the less =)

  18. I rejoice with you SP in your short lived victory. Congrats…now maybe Ziggy will wage war against Rat…I think Rat would look nice shaved..Ziggy and Rat could be BALD TWINS…come on Wilson wage war!!

  19. Does Stephan get “bonuses” for increasing the viewership of other comic strips? I had not been a follower of the Ziggy comic strip until this whole “pants-gate” issue started.

  20. Hey Stephan,
    The word “midget” is a slur against little people. I doubt you’d use the n-word in making fun of black people, kind of doubt you’d make fun of black people for being black actually, so please lay off the other slurs as well, okay?

  21. Play the Hallelujiah (spelling, sorry!) chorus! woo hoo!!!!! 🙂 you’ve earned it! what a gift!

  22. hey Stephan
    did you see the ziggy for today, december 21st?? ziggy is wearing pants again!!!! you have started a new age of ziggy comics!! congragulations!

  23. So, this is 2 days ago. What have you done for us lately, Pastis? (See, that’s the trouble with do-gooding. Do it once, and you can’t ever quit doing it. Sorta like laundry.)

  24. Did you notice that Rat’s nose to body ratio is far greater than that of Ziggy’s? That would lead me to believe that if anyone should be wearing pants, it should be the rodent.

  25. December 27th and looks like the pants are history. Orange hat, blue coat, pink/light red glove, green boots, but no pants. Looks like Guard Duck needs to take Rat down for the fries or something.

  26. i like naked Ziggy better. anyone thats not funny better be naked for our amusement.

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