HOUSTON, WE’VE GOT PANTS (Well, almost.)

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part.  And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.”

— Mario Savio, Free Speech Movement, December, 1964

. . . .

The voices of millions are now being heard.

I give you…..today’s Ziggy:

Fine, he still isn’t wearing pants.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And sure, Ziggy creator had agreed to put pants on Ziggy yesterday, but maybe he needed to warm up to it.  Take a few baby steps.

And today’s strip is that first step.

One small step for Ziggy, one giant leap for decency.

The “Pants on Ziggy” people’s movement has borne fruit.

And now, alongside the portraits of Moses, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, you can put this little guy:

Power to the people.

Power to the pants.

— Stephan Pastis, “Put Pants on Ziggy” movement, December, 2009

51 thoughts on “HOUSTON, WE’VE GOT PANTS (Well, almost.)

  1. Dude.

    No pants.

    This is sort of like declaring unilateral victory and going home.

    The Man won.

  2. Nobody makes me laugh like you do!! Pastis – I gotta say it – I love you & your sick (fabulous) twisted mind!!!!! HA!

  3. For the love of decency, man, if you’re not going to put pants on Rat at least have him keep both feet on the floor.

  4. Is a compromise possible? Could Tom Wilson show a running Ziggy with a word balloon containing “pant, pant?” Would this inclusion of “pant”s in Ziggy satisfy the Rat? And if Ziggy ever does wear actual pants, does he run the risk of getting caught with his pants down, like so many other celebrities. Oh, I fear that Rat is about to open a “pants-dora’s box!”

  5. Hypocrite

    Rat, Pig, Croc, etc….

    None have pants

    Come to think of it
    Im not sure I have ever seen your strip character in pants

    I bet you are pants-less under your desk right now

  6. good point there.. most of your characters don wear pants either..

    case in point, at least Ziggy’s “gown” covers over his legs.

  7. Pants are for humans, not for animals. Notice that when Pastis puts himself in the strip he almost always wears pants. (Just like in real life, I would imagine)

  8. @Jonny pogo:
    “Me no wear pants, it feel guuuuuuuuddd.”
    It’s self explanatory.
    Out of curiosity, where does one go to join the movement to put pants on Ziggy?

  9. Hmm. You know, I just noticed that Rat not only does not wear pants, he is completely naked. Tit for tat, perhaps? So to speak…


    Can’t wait to see what further transpires between “Ziggy” & “Pearls Before Swine” (and their creators) over the next few days!


  11. We will not be
    we will not be mooned
    we will not be
    we will not be mooned
    Just like Uranus
    In the Milky Way Galaxy
    We will not be mooned

    You’re welcome.

  12. Steven,

    You weren’t the first cartoonist to mention Ziggy’s lack of pants.

    The idea was already done in May 26, 2009’s “Molly and the Bear.”

    If you’re not familiar with “Molly and the Bear” you should check it out. It’s one of the best strips being produced today!

    Here’s the link:


  13. Thanks for adding the corresponding actions of Ziggy here because my paper doesn’t carry that Ziggy!

  14. LoL…I don’t know whats funnier. The comic strip..or the people posting the Yas and Nas about it.

    The comic strip is better For sure! 😀

  15. I think there’s a pretty good cartoon rule of thumb that animal nudity is acceptable (as we accept the nudity of “real” animals) but for any character to wear a shirt and no pants is unspeakably repulsive.

    The shirt always implies “something” to cover, so why the lack of any “something” below the torso? How far do the horrors of Moreauvian technology go? It would be like an animated talking bird with no teeth, or a male poodle. We need our anthropomorphism consistent, dammit!

  16. Sorry…the crew over at the comics Carmudgeon has been begging Ziggy to don pants for ever. It is clearly the first group to recognize the horror of a Ziggy…without pants. (my eyes!! the goggles they do nothing!!!)

  17. Rat isn’t wearing pants…I know he’s a rat, but he does speak English and he does walk on two legs…I’m just saying.

  18. No pants, no peace!
    No pants, no peace!

    Throw an army against that tubby little heathen unless he dons the bifurcated garments required for decency.

    Thank the heavens someone has finally raised this staff of honor on high.

  19. You know, maybe the movement ought to start with the basics: put some junk on Ziggy first, so he has a reason to wear pants.

    Hey, wait a minute, RAT doesn’t have pants, either. Or junk.

  20. You know, Rat is having a pretty bad double-standard, seeing as he wears no pants, underpants, shirts, etc. He has less clothes than the one he’s protesting…

  21. I noticed Ziggy also wasn’t wearing pants when he appeared in YOUR strip this week . . . a fact concealed by the blanket. (Was Ziggy’s pant-less-ness the “this” that made you “uncomfortable” in the last panel?) And when Wilson reneges, (as he appears to have done), Rat’s likely to escalate this, in an eye-for-an-eye kind of way, by having that character in the last panel go pants-less in your strip. That character’s streaking will disgust Wilson, who will gladly stick pants on Ziggy, just to get the streaker off of the funny pages. A “win-win” for Rat: he restores Ziggy’s dignity while stripping your of yours.

  22. And the Ziggy “pantsgate” rolls on! See the 12/18 Ziggy. There are actually pants in the cartoon!!!

  23. If I had a nickel for everytime the dry cleaners lost my pants…

    I’d be a very wealthy half-nudist. I’d probably be in jail, too. Insane asylum. or a Lady Ga Ga music video.

  24. Oh man…Tom Wilson’s got your number. I only wish you could respond faster than the comics page will allow.

  25. I’ve never been a Ziggy fan, till now. It’s even funnier if you realize that unless you read Pearls, you’d never get the jokes in Ziggy.

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  29. The problem with this strip is it adds no humor whatsoever: it just briefs readers on the events so far. This strip was apparently written for people whose papers don’t get PBS.

  30. Ziggy never wore pants until now he looks funny wearing them I think its wrong for someone to make another artist change what hes been doing since 1971

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