Call Now. Operators are Standing By.

Because I am a really really really nice guy, I have signed the final bunch of Pearls books that I will be signing before Christmas.  In each one, I drew either Rat, Pig, Guard Duck, Zebra, Goat, Snuffles, a croc, or me.

In the past, they have sold out rather quick, so if you’re interested, contact THIS bookstore.

And Merry Christmas from me.  The cartoonist with a heart.   (It’s tiny and black like a lump of coal, but still, it beats.)

9 thoughts on “Call Now. Operators are Standing By.

  1. Now, that’s just mean. Posting this in the middle of the night when the book store is closed!!
    just evil.

  2. Pearls Before Swine is my favorite comic strip. I enjoy the humor of all the characters, especially the crocs and their enormous need for a good zebra. I find the best humor in the Sunday comic section when Rat sets-up Pig as such in the Dec 13th, 2009 strip, “Dunk Rey for me. Arch and Tina”, it was well done and humorous. Glad to see that “Ziggy” is going to wear pants, even though I do not receive this comic strip. I am now going to buy the next book of “Pearls Before Swine” Thanks Will

  3. Hey, everybody, the signed books are sold out.
    There’s much more demand than supply, so it was just the luck of the draw if you got in. (It was only about a 2-hour window.) We can’t take any more calls during the season, but watch the blog again in the New Year to see if our favorite cartoonist signs more for us.
    Your pal,
    ~~ Ellen Skagerberg
    Copperfield’s Books
    P.S. All the operators have sat down. Don’t call now!

  4. Thanks again, Mr. Pastis!!
    And thanks also to the amazingly kind, courteous and professional employees of Copperfield’s Books; it’s now obvious to me why you frequently choose to go there to sign your books — they ROCK! My wife was surprised to hear that she just bought me a Pearls Before Swine for Christmas that was not only signed by the author, but includes a self-portrait of him too. Best Christmas Gift EVER!

  5. Merry Christmas to you, too, Stephan. Every day you brave literary land mines, paper cuts and carpal tunnel syndrome to bring us, your unworthy subjects, the daily funny to our miserable, pathetic lives.

    PS: you might want to remove the cartoonist with a heart remark. Having a heart is grounds for disbarment or worse, like being assigned to be the law librarian at the Supermaxx ™ Federal Pen for 5-10.

  6. Yay For me..I actually did yet one of your signed books for Christmas.. mine had Rat in it..I was very surprized and Happy..
    Looking..forward to the New Year and all the wonderful Pearls to Come. I got Pastis Sells out..and the letters are not bumpy.. it must be a smart read.

  7. You know how people get songs stuck in their head? Well, I have a similar problem – I will never be able to do a search on google again without thinking “da google!” Thanks a bunch, Stephan!

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