10 thoughts on “Time for Another Edition of Reader Mail (Candlelight Edition)

  1. Hey just wanted to say thanks for keeping the blog consistantly humorous. Another cartoonist’s blog, whom I shall identify only by his first name and last initial (Scott A.) used to be consistantly funny too…but for the past year it has been nothing but a funeral dirge about all the wonderful things he’s doing to his house and extremely unfunny anecdotes about how to keep his restaurant business afloat. I go there about once every 2 months now and yep….another plea to his readers about which color to paint the closet ceiling in the 7th bedroom on the 4rd floor. Great stuff there.
    Anyway, thanks for keeping it humorous. If you start asking your readers for advice on which stock to buy this week, I bail.

  2. Been loving the strip since I learned about it…in ’03? Wow yeah okay that’s a long time.

    (And I can still remember the storyline!)

    A shame I only recently discovered the blog. Fun reading for time stuck in commute.

    Everybody I tell [about the strip] gets instantly hooked.

    I should get commission per plug. 😀

    Not so much 😦

  3. Hi Stephan. I am a big fan of your strip and it is a great inspiration for me. I have been writing my own comic strip for a while that has the same essence as pearls before swine, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes. Have any advice?

  4. I’m with the top comment! Your blog is like your strip . . . every day is funny! 🙂 OMGOSH! I’m glad I don’t have to ask you to put my name on anything, because you already have! (on your book where all the characters are attacking you . . . The one where you talk about all your first strips n’stuff)
    and no, my name’s not Stephan. 🙂

  5. Did you see the reference in sunday’s Foxtrot? no offense, but bill amend can dish it out. you probably haven’t seen it, because it is still saturday. minor technicalities. the houston chronicle drops off the sunday paper saturday afternoon. i know because i’ve seen the guy in the pickup truck throw it on our porch.

  6. my goodness, Stephen, today’s Sunday strip is LLAAAAMMEE!! But i mus admit it caught me by surprise!

  7. I hope that you treat Staci really, really well, because all she has to do is show Sunday’s strip to any divorce judge in the country and they’d probably give her everything except for licensing income from Bippy.

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