16 thoughts on “The Last Bunch of Signed Books for Awhile

  1. Drawing yourself in a comic book. Normally I would say that this is a little over extending your ego, but for you I understand.

  2. Wow. Let me preface by saying that I am also rather misanthropic, and am more like Rat than any other character. PBS has not made me cry since I watched Pig touch the name of a soldier at the Viet Nam War Memorial.

    Thank you, Stephan.

  3. Stephan, loving the magnetic letter strips. They’ve got a great “Abbott and Costello” charm to them that I always enjoy seeing.

  4. Thanks! I ordered one for a gift – the crazy thing is that I moved from Ferndale CA to Minnesota and in my previous life I could have just driven to Copperfields and picked one up….

  5. “Awhile.” Now, that would be TWO words. “A While.”

    I bet you make that mistake alot.

  6. Seeing that drawing of the croc there is making me hungry for K.F.C.! Well, it is almost lunch-time here, y’know!

  7. WOW! Talk about being slow to the starting gate. Go away for Thanksgiving weekend, and the books are already sold out – apparently within a day! Looking forward to the next opportunity (and my first signed copy…)

  8. And, of course, those of us in the netherworld (anywhere east of Cali) lose out. I’d love to buy one for the wife for Christmas, but I guess I can’t. Give my info and wait. Get a call, “we had them, but we’re now out of stock. They go out as soon as he signs them.” Grrrrrrrrrr…

  9. Darn the books are gone! I just called.. Stephan, they are going to bug you to go sign my copy since they are holing it for me until you sign it! 🙂 If I could request the character, I love the crocs (they are my fav) – but I also love the little frog that you have put in some strips also. I have the frog and coffee mug taped to my laptop screen. Thanks for all the laughs, I am a loyal Pearls fan!

  10. Rats!!! I just called and yes, they are out. I wanted 3. One for Dad, my sister & myself. Oh well, I will keep a look out for when it’s done again.

  11. I just received a signed book from Larry the crocodile. Thanks! (I ordered the very day the blog was posted.) And Mr. Pastis didn’t even have to travel to Baltimore! (But I can assure you that if you do come into town for any signings, you will certainly have a bigger audience than the lonesome author of a cowboy tale at a local bookstore. So he would be a lonesome cowboy, right?)

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