Through a Glass Darkly

I go to a gym.

It is a typical gym.  Free weights and Nautilus machines filling the spacious floor.  Annoying people grunting everywhere.

Yesterday, I was doing what I normally do at the beginning of a workout, which is to stretch in a corner of the gym.

Briefly, in the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a guy.

I immediately concluded from how he was dressed and looked that I didn’t like him. It was a snap judgment, taking less than a fraction of a second.  But something about him rubbed me the wrong way.

Then I realized something else.

I had caught sight of myself in the mirror.

Me had bothered me.

Now I feel like I should apologize.

But I’m not sure I’m in the mood to hear it.

28 thoughts on “Through a Glass Darkly

  1. I once had the opposite problem. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how good I looked – until I realized it was a fun house mirror…

  2. Opposite thing: saw a leg (calf?) in the mirror at the gym, thought it was in pretty good shape. Leaned to try and get a better angle to see whose it was and found it was mine. That was a good day.

  3. Its schizophrenia all over again!
    I just hope you get through…

    Yea, and… uum… so do i…

  4. Still in the law office, I am. It’s 12:30 AM. I got to work 15 hours ago.

    Thank you for this shining, brief reprieve.

  5. Wow…I have seen people out and questioned if they didn’t have a mirror, or looked in the mirror and said…Man, I Look good! But I have never said that to myself. Thank you Stephan for setting the bar higher once again.

  6. Maybe if tomorrow, you wear one of those giant 30s strong-man moustaches that has handlebars that come out about nine inches from each side of your face, and a stripey onesie, you’ll like yourself better.

  7. At least now you know why you have that effect on other people now. And I’ll bet all along you just thought your old senior partner was a jerk.

  8. Saw myself in a mirror and thought, who the hell does that bitch think she is? More creepily, I took my father out to dinner in a restaurant that was a bit of a rabbit warren, with lots of mirrors, and he thought, who is that gorgeous woman?

  9. This explains so much! (But we really already knew this from reading your comic.)

    Why don’t you wear some polo shirts? I know you’re really working the “I don’t work in a law firm anymore, so I will wear t-shirts all day,” but t-shirts are so, well, elementary school.

  10. Thanks alot for making me snort out loud – right here in the middle of the office. Got some ‘slaining to do to my boss now….

  11. ‘splaining to do….

    see, you got me so befuddled I can’t even spell my purposeful mispellings!!!

    Seriously Dude, let me know if you even wanna take on a second wife! I’ll fight my way to the front of THAT line!!! 🙂

  12. I think several of you have quiet misunderstood. Imagine your lifting your leg up in a mirror, and your short leg runs down and back a little and your wearing loose boxers. That is all. That is hilarious.

  13. Trashed on STP (be real grateful you don’t know) I stared down a dark hallway in our madhouse crashpad hoping to find a single person I could trust. In bugged-eyed psycho desperation, I called out “Howdy” to the shape at the end of the hall. A mirror. I decided to trust that one.

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