10 thoughts on “I’m No Rick Steves, but I’m Close

  1. Incredible action Pastis. You come close to Spielburg, but he does not have YOUR brilliance. You are of another kind.

  2. Hi, my name is Raisa, I absolutley love your strip. Its hilarious, I was reading Pearls Sells out and theres a strip in there about the pigs new doll, ‘manic depressive Barbina’ and thought it was soo funny(2/21), I wish you would have made her a regular character. I don’t understand why people complained about it its pure genius!!

  3. I, too, grew up in San Marino (and if your sister was P., then she was a pal). It’s an amazing wonderland of beautiful, manicured lawns, no parking on the street overnight (still to this day), and the mighty Titans. However, it isn’t representative of the real world, and this is why you must go back to your reunions — it’s a blast to find how everyone spread their wings after SMHS. You’ve got to admit they prepared us well in S.M. — even if it was a little high-brow!

  4. Dec. 6, 2009 – Your “comic” today ending with:
    “Dunk rye for me, Arch & Tina” was spectacular! I give your my whole-hearted congrats to that; & probably most won’t even “get it”!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!
    Diane Wacker – Buffalo, NY

  5. Theres a little bit of the Pig and Rat in all of us and that is why this works, it plays into ourself’s.

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