Mysteries Revealed

Just got back from Country X, which I can now tell you was Iraq. 

We spent three days traveling by Blackhawk helicopter and military planes to Mosul, Kirkuk, Tikrit and finally Baghdad.  We even spent the night  in Saddam’s palace.

I’m traveling home today from Washington DC, but I plan on posting all about the trip on this blog, complete with photos.

19 thoughts on “Mysteries Revealed

  1. Very cool! As a former military member, thank you for doing that – I’m sure it was much appreciated!

  2. Welcome home. I remember coming back to the states after a few years stationed overseas. I still can’t listen to our national anthem without crying…now that I know what it means to live somewhere without our freedoms. And it’s been over 25 years since I served. I hope your trip gave you some perspective, and a ton of new material for your strip.

  3. That’s great Stephan, can’t wait to read all about it and see your photos. But just keep in mind when you’re choosing which pics to post the kind of stuff Pearls readers want to see most…

    – Palacial toilets.
    – What’s really under those turbins.
    – Someone peeing from a Blackhawk at 500 feet.
    – Pics of REAL guard ducks behind sand-bagged fox holes.

    ETC. ETC…

  4. well, perhaps they could send you next to N. Korea. I think the Beloved Leader has a great sense of humor and you might really do something there for world peace (i.e. he might have ANOTHER stroke after meeting you and finally kick). Great job going over there to cheer up(?) our troops.

  5. …and I assume that Angry Bob was able to quickly bridge the cultural divide and unite the warring factions together in harmony? Good to know you’re back on Amerk soil – would have hated to have to un-die you.

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