My Priorities in the Middle East

Spent all day lying in the sun at the edge of the Persian Gulf.  Was going to solve all of the Middle East’s problems, but decided to get a tan instead. 

Tomorrow I go to a new country.  I’d like to name it, but I’m not allowed to identify it until I get back home.   I’m like James Bond, but without the nice car.  Or fancy clothes.  Or hot women.  Instead, I’m with a bunch of pudgy, middle-age cartoonists.   

Stay tuned.

21 thoughts on “My Priorities in the Middle East

  1. Is it the UAE?
    If it is, go to Abu Dhabi, its beautiful. and besides, they’re redoing most of the buildings in dubai, but if you go, visit “the world” and jumeirah beach.

    Please go to UAE.
    I don’t live there.

  2. I think a tan is way more important than peace in the Middle East. I’m glad you have the right priorities.

  3. If you’re lying on the beaches of the Persian Gulf I hope that somebody has already told you to call it the Arabian Gulf. Calling it the Persian Gulf in most of the countries that border it tends to help you get your ass kicked. Unless you’re in Iran. Hmmmm….

  4. Hey, I saw a picture of Staci. You might want to rephrase that “without the hot women” crack.

  5. Why all the travel? Make your next time off in Central America – I’ll be your Tour Leader! (ok, nothing dirty about that, it’s actually my job! Totally family appropriate!)

  6. Does this mean that in 6 months or so we’ll see strips featuring a sunburned pig (strips of crispy bacon)?

    So sorry I missed you in DC, have a good trip and thank you for bringing Pig to the Middle East. (I chuckle every time I picture you interacting with the locals . . .’

    “I draw this strip that has this pig,”

    crowd inches farther away,

    “a rat, a goat, some crocs . . .Oh, and Bin Laden”,

    no more crowd and even the other cartoonists are conspicuously avoiding you.

    take care and watch out for the camel spiders,


  7. You should use this experience to broaden the Pearls world. Have a strip where Rat meets Mohammad. I think that would bring in lots of new fans out there in the sand.

  8. Perhaps you were actually “laying” in the sun and not “lying” in the sun. I don’t take you to be much of a liar…

    (Grammar police strikes again.)

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  10. James Bond? More like Stephan Colbert sent to entertain the troops. Only Colbert entertained intentionally. Notice how he wasn’t allowed to say where he was going as well.

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