44 thoughts on “I Will Solve Everything

  1. Since i’m the only idiot here actually reading your entire blog [because i’m too much of a sloth to do otherwise], i presume you were talking with me when you said that.
    You see, two days ago, i discovered your blog. Yes, bring in the awards!
    And, if i may, you aren’t a literary genius. So, i’ll just say you’re pretty smart.
    And i’m wasting time here, but what the heck – it’s not like i have any other work to do, either. So, well… i just commented for the sake of it.
    if you read this, please don’t shoot me.

  2. I’m so pleased you guys are doing this. You’re there with Jeff Keane? Oh, to be a fly on the wall …

  3. Really? Send me a note, I’m in Berlin and have some personal letters for the the royal family of Jordan 😉

  4. To bad POTUS already got the Nobel Peace Prize. If only Oslo had waited a couple more weeks.

    Maybe you will be on the short list for 2010.

  5. oh, you are the anti-christ…..lol…..

    good luck….there has never been peace in that region since the beginning of time nor will there be peace until the end

  6. Stay away from the department stores…. I hear if the changing stalls are empty they just change in the middle of the store.

  7. The only thing that will “solve all the problems” in the Mideast is enough nukes to turn the place into molten glass. Unless you’re prepared to do that, turn around and come home.

  8. Bring Pig. HE will solve everything with his happiness fairy dust and magic wand.
    Or bring Guard Duck, and he’ll just blow up everything.

  9. Thats a relief, I’m glad they got someone to clean up the mess down there. It was starting to get a little out of hand.

  10. I have a question for you – will there be a stuffed MONKEYPIG? I want one :)… or at least a monkey suit for the Pig plush :D?

  11. yayyy!, superman!!
    u may not want to refer to it as “persian” gulf in any other Arab country other than Iran. Its the “Arabian” gulf everywhere else. they are a bit touchy on dat!!
    I suggest take rat with you!

  12. Like pig and the ‘Care Bear’ diplomat’s? Or the Rat/ Guard Duck approach to things?

  13. Good luck in making people believe that a God really isn’t that much into real-estate as they think he is…

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